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Who Is Kairo Whitfield? Untold Truth About Bob Whitfield’s Son

Kairo Whitfield is a professional model and actor known for his works in The Real Housewives of Atlanta & others. Besides, she is also popular for being the son of former NFL legend Bob Whitfield and reality show star, Sheree Whitfield.

Starting off with small roles in minor music videos, Kairo has come a long way as a professional. But what about his love life? The 6 feet 7 inches tall Whitfield has attracted major curiosity when it comes to his romantic life. So, is he dating a girlfriend?

Well, in this article, we are going to reveal all about his professional life, age, parents, career, net worth, and many more!

Kairo Whitfield Birth Details and Education

Kairo was born on July 2, 1996, in the United States of America. His ethnicity is Afro-American. Kairo is the youngest son of the family and he has two elder siblings, Tierra and Kiely.

Born in a family of celebrities, he had a decent childhood and enjoyed a rather luxurious life throughout his childhood. Apparently, he also has a good relationship with both her father & mother.

On other hand, talking about his education he completed his graduation from Morehouse College. Similarly, Kairo was also an athlete student in the same college.

Kairo Whitfield’s Parents: Are They Still Together?

As mentioned already Kairo is the son of father Bob Whitfield and mother Sheree Whitfield. The husband and wife tied their knot in 2000. However, after 7 years of their marriage, the duo divorced in 2007.

Talking about the reason for their divorce, Sheree confessed that his Ex-husband Bob was an abusive man.

Kairo Whitfield's Parents Bob & Sheree
Bob Whitfield with her former wife Sheree Whitfield

Even though, after separating the former couple didn’t marry again. As per many sources, it is believed that Sheree is currently dating Tyrone Gilliam and Bob has kept himself away from any of the media limelight.

Kairo Whitfield’s Father Bob Was In The NFL

Bob is a former Offensive Tackle in National Football League. He started playing football while he was in high school. After seeing his performance in the junior season, then Head Coach Dennis Tucker introduced him to NFL.

Bob Whitfield graduated from Sandford University, where he was an America Junior Student-Athlete. After retirement, he returned to university and completed his bachelor’s degree in Arts and Economics in 2012. In the same year, he was also included in  Sandford Hall Of Fame for his achievements in NFL.

Kairo Whitfield's father Bob Whitfield Is A Former American Football Player
 Bob Whitfield watching the NFL game in Rose Bowl Stadium

Eventually, Bob played for Falcon (1992-2003). He then played for New York Giants (2004-2007). However, he missed the Final match against Washington Redskins due to his injury. Soon, in 2007 he announced his retirement from National Football League.

Apart from NFL, Bob is also the founder and CEO of a recording studio in Atlanta, Patchworks Recording Studio. The studio has already released more than 500 gold and platinum albums for artists like 50 cents, Snoop Dogg, Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, and many more. He spends his time in his studio after retirement from football.

Moreover, Bob has also worked as an NFL analyst on Sky Sports as well as has a great hand in contributing to local Atlanta TV and Radio Programs.

His Mother Sheree Whitfield Is A TV Personality

Kairo Whitfield’s mother Sheree is an American Television personality and a fashion designer. She gained popularity from a show called The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She joined the show in 2008 for the first season and became the permanent cast of the show before she left.

After 4 years gap, Sheree Joined the show again in season 8. After two years of working with the show, she again left. In 2022, she returned to the show for 3rd time for season 14.

Kairo Whitfield With His Mother Shereé Whitfield
Kairo Whitfield with her mother Sheree Whitfield

Besides her work in TV shows, she has her own business in fashion design.

Besides, all her professional accomplishments, she also leads a decent life as a mother. She became a mother at the age of 15, and he gave birth to a daughter, Tierra. Even after having 3 children, she managed her role as a caring and supportive mother as well as modeling perfectly.

Currently, she is living with her boyfriend, Tyrone Gilliam in Georgia. Tyrone was released from  Philadelphia jail after spending 8 years in prison.

Is Kairo Whitfield Dating A Girlfriend?

As a celebrity Kid and a successful model himself, there has been a lot of curiosity if Kairo is dating a girlfriend at present. Well, the answer is he is not dating but rather single in 2022.

In fact, Kairo’s mom Shereé Whitfield’s has revealed her son being single on numerous occasions. Well, back in December 2016, during a conversation with The Daily Dish, she stated that Kairo is single and very much ready to mingle. She also stated that there are not just young girls but cougars too who are into him. She said,

I get so many questions about Kairo, not only from young women [but also] from older women, the cougars, So stay back, cougars. But, yeah, Kairo’s very single. He’s young. I just want him to have fun.

It looks like, at this moment Kairo is focusing on his career rather than having any affairs or relationships.

Kairo Had A Crush On Porsha Williams

Well, not many know but Kairo Whitfield apparently had a little crush on Porsha. He revealed the fact back in 2017 when is worked as a bartender during his mom’s appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Four years later after Kairo returned to WWHL, with other casts from his show Real Housewives, one of the fans raised the question if he got into Porsha’s DMs since Porsha had already split up with partner Dennis. In the response, he said,

No, I have not, Andy. I have not slid in her DMs yet.

Other than Kairo’s cute little crush on Porsha, there are no other reports of her romantic relationships.

Kairo Whitfield’s Professional Career as an Actor

Kairo is a famous American model & actor. He has appeared in many TV shows including Fantasia: When I Met You, Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen, RHOA, and many more.

He made his official debut as a model with an appearance in the music video, Fantasia (2017). Further, he has also made a guest appearance in the TV show called, Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in 2021. He also has worked in The Real Housewives of Atlanta along with his mother Sheree.

Kairo Whitfield Is A Successful Actor & TV Personality
                           Kairo Whitfield on the set of Bravo TV

Social Media

Kairo Whitfield is quite a social media person who shares his lifestyle through Instagram posts and stories. He has around 67k followers on Insta and is active most often on his social media handles.

What Is Kairo Whitfield’s Net Worth?

As of 2022 Kairo Whitfield’s net worth is about 500k. Talking about her mother Sheree, she has a net worth of an estimated $1 million which she has earned from her acting career as well as from her business.

Similarly, talking about Bob Whitfield, he has an impressive net worth of around $12 million.