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Who Is Kaiya Bella Luna? Inside The Life of Peter Stormare’s Daughter

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Kaiya Bella Luna has been in the limelight as the daughter of Peter Stormare. Her father is an actor and a theatre director. Peter who began an acting career in the late 1970s gained wide fame following his acclaimed role in the 1996 movie Fargo. Throughout his career that has spanned over four decades, Peter has appeared in over 100 on-screen projects.

On the other hand, Kaiya’s mother Toshimi Stormare is a designer by profession. Talking about her parents’ married life, they have been in a beautiful matrimonial relationship since 2008.

In addition, their daughter Kaiya, however, prefers to stay a little bit away from the mainstream. So, let’s find out something yet to explore about the star kid in this article!

Who is Kaiya Bella Luna? All About Peter Stormare’s Daughter

As we have mentioned above that Kaiya is the daughter of one of the legendary actors Peter Stormare. The father-and-daughter duo has shared an incredible bonding with each other.

So far, her doting dad occasionally steps out with his daughter to attend several big events. Back in April 2017, the actor was seen with his pre-teen girl attending the Microsoft Theater, in Los Angeles, California.

Kaiya father
Kaiya Bella Luna with her father attending the event.
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Who is Her Mother?

Her mother Toshimi Stormare is a designer from Japan. She only hit the media after her marriage to Peter. Born and raised in Hiroshima in Japan, Toshimi moved to the United States soon after her nuptials with Peter.

Her Parents Marriage

Kaiya Bella Luna’s father and mother have been married since 2008. The duo first came across in Japan. And they started dating with the help of an interpreter due to their language problem.

Soon after their marriage, Kaiya’s mamma got pregnant with her first child.

Has a Half-Sister From Her Father’s Previous Relationship

Kaiya has an older sister named Kelly, born in March 1989. Peter has Kelly with his former Swedish girlfriend. However, other details regarding her older sista are still unclear.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Kaiya belongs to Swiss and Japanese nationality. And her ethnicity is mixed.

Father Peter Stormare’s Bio

Born and raised in Kumla, Orebro County, Sweden, Peter, 68 is an actor with over 100 credits. Most notably, Peter appeared in movies like Fargo, The Million Dollar Hotel, Hitler: The Rise of Evil, John Wick: Chapter 2, and more.

Besides, his TV credits like Prison Break, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Gods, and more. Along with his acting career, Peter has also tried his hands in the music field.

What is Her Net Worth?

Peter’s daughter Kaiya Bella Luna is still a child who has yet to involve in any kind of profession. Thus, the exact amount of her net worth is still, however, under review. On the other hand, Kaiya’s father has an estimated net worth of $5 million.