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Who is Katherine Kady Allen? Everything About Tim Allen’s Daughter

Katherine Kady Allen is a famous celebrity kid. She is famous for being the eldest daughter of American actor and comedian Tim Allen. He is known for his role as Mike Baxter on the ABC sitcom, Last Man Standing.

Besides, her mother Laura Deibel is a former charity organization founder and sales manager. Kady’s parents got married in the year 1984 and after 15 years of their marriage, the two filed for divorce. And they officially parted their ways in 2003.

So, how did Katherine deal with her parent’s separation at such a young age? Is the star kid living with her father or mother? What about her relationship status? Here are all the answers to your questions. Check it all out!

When Was Katherine Kady Allen Born? Her Early Life and Her Parents

Tim Allen’s daughter Katherine was born in December 1989 in New York, USA. She is 32 years of age by 2022. She came to this world as the first daughter of Tim Ellen. In fact, Allen is the only child of her parents Tim and Laura Diebel.

Tim Allen's daughter Katherine Kady Allen
Katherine with her famous father.

However, when Katherine was 14 years old, her parents got separated. During the time of her parent’s separation, Katherine reportedly had to go through some hardships, but, seeing her today, we can say that the star kid dealt with her parents’ divorce gracefully. After her parent’s divorce, Allen started living with her father.

Katherine Kady Allen’s Parents Were College Sweethearts

The ex-couple, for the first time, met during their college years at Western Michigan University. And they started dating not long after their initial encounter.

Nevertheless, within the same period of time, Katherine’s dad Tim was arrested on the charge of cocaine distribution in the year 1978, even though her mom Laura stood strongly by his side.

Katherine Kady Allen's parents
Katherine Kady Allen’s father with his biological mother Laura.

After Tim got out of prison, the duo got married on April 7, 1984, in a private ceremony. Years by years gone and their relationship started deteriorating and at last, they parted their paths.

Katherine’s Father is a Famous Artist in Hollywood

Her father Timothy Alan Dick (aka Tim Allen) was born on June 13, 1953. He started his career as a comedian who used to perform at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Gradually, the actor started gaining fame among the audiences, especially following his role in the ABC sitcom Home Improvement.

After that, Allen got bundles of opportunities on both television and movies. Some hit series and films that Tim acted in included Tropical Snow, The Santa Clause, Jungle 2 Jungle, Men are Pigs, Zoom, Northwest afternoon, Maury, Black Mirror, Reno 911! and many more.

Besides, the actor also has lent his voice to some video games like Disney Magic Kingdoms, Toy Story Racer, and others.

Her Dad is a Multiple Award Winner

Because of his contribution and his consistency in the entertainment field, Tim has been honored with several nominations and awards. He got a nomination for Emmy awards for an outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

He also got nominations for awards like Golden Globe Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Tv Guide Awards, and many more. Among these nominations, Allen won Kids’ Choice, the Tv Guide Award, Annie Awards, and others.

Professional Career: What Exactly Does Katherine Kady Allen Do for a Living?

Despite being a star kid, Katherine is a little secretive about her personal life. Although she has made a few appearances with her celebrity father on the red carpet, her personal details are yet to be revealed. So, as of now, we can’t confirm what is Tim Allen’s daughter is doing now.

As we mentioned above, Katherine only hit the media as the daughter of an actor Tim.

Kady Allen Lives with Her Father and Step-Mom

After her parents divorced, Katherine started staying with her father. As time flew by, her daddy again found out the love of his life, Jane Hajduk, in 2001. Jane and Tim shared vows on October 7, 2006. And accordingly, she shared her home with her father and stepmother.

Katherine Kady Allen's family
Katherine Kady Allen with her father, stepmother, and half-sister.

As per sources, she has a beautiful bond with her dad’s second wife, Jane. Whenever Katherine appeared in public, she has often seen with Jane in hand-to-hand gestures and smiles, as if she is her own mother.

Katherine Has a Half-Sister

From the second marriage of her dad Tim, she has a half-sister named Elizabeth Allen Dick. She was born on March 28, 2009. So, as of 2022, Elizabeth is 13 years old.

During the birth of her half-sister, she was right there with her other friends. Regarding this, her dad Tim said to People

“And her sister was there and a couple of her friends … I was the first one that got to look at [Elizabeth].”

Besides, her half-sister is already into acting just like her father. In 2022, she made her debut in the movie named The Santa Clause.

Is Katherine Kady Allen Dating Someone? Her Love Life

As we already mentioned above that Katherine prefers to keep a low life, she hasn’t revealed anything about her love life. So far, the star kid has neither come forward with her relationship status. Furthermore, Allen isn’t active on any social media platforms to trace out something about her dating life.

So, with no detailed information about her personal life, it is really hard to trace out if Katherine is dating someone or not.

Her Net Worth

Unfortunately, the exact amount of Katherine’s net worth is still under review. On the other hand, her actor father has higher income sources in addition to the real estate assets. And the actor has a total net worth of $100 million in 2022.