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Who Is Kevin Gates’ Son Khaza Gates? Interesting Facts About Him

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Khaza Kamil Gates is best known as the son of Kevin and Dreka Gates. Khaza’s father Kevin is a rapper and released a song with the title ‘Khaza’ which resulted in a surge in Kamil’s popularity. Other than this, Khaza is popular due to his constant presence on his mother’s Instagram and social media.

He is yet to start a professional career and is still in elementary school, however, due to his parents’ presence in show business he might join the rap industry later on.

His mother Dreka Gates is an accomplished entrepreneur and agent who works closely with his father Kevin to promote and run their label, Bread Winners’ Association.

In this article, learn about his lifestyle, and much more below.

Star Kid Khaza Gates Is Kevin And Dreka Gates’ Youngest Son

Khaza was born Khaza Kamil Gates on May 10, 2014, to Dreka and Kevin Gates. He is their youngest child and is 7 years old as of September 2021. He was delivered through water birth.

Khaza Gates Is Kevin Gates Youngest Son
Khaza Gates Is Kevin Gates And Wife Dreka Youngest Son

Talking about his sister Islah, she is around a year older than him and was water-birthed as well.

Both, Khaza and his sister were born before their parents tied the knot in 2015.

The Meaning behind his unique name Khaza

Khaza is an Arabic term which means “treasure” or “perfect”. The name reflects how much Khaza Gates means to his parents. His parents also used an Arabic name as they are devout Muslims.

Kevin is about to release an album titled ‘Khaza’ and also plans to tour under the eponymous album title.

In addition to this, his sister’s name Islah is also an Arabic word for “reform” or “improvement”. He used his daughter’s name as the title for his first studio album (released in 2016) which was certified 2 X Platinum.

Khaza’s Father Has A Friendly Approach To Parenting

In a social media video, Kevin revealed that he gives his son permission to curse.

Kevin also remarks that he wants to raise his son to be a successful man who will have a lot of luck with the ladies in the future. In fact, Kev remarked that his son would have “the ho*s going crazy” to further reinforce his confidence.

Kevin And Dreka Gave Birth To Khaza & Islah Before Getting Married

Kevin married his long-time girlfriend and high school sweetheart Dreka in October 2015, a year after Khaza was born.

Khaza Gates sister Islah
Khaza Gates’ with his dad Kevin (leftmost), mother (rightmost), and sister (second from left)

Before this, they started dating in the early 2000s and have been together for more than 15 years. They have seen each other’s highs and lows and supported each other through everything.

Khaza Gates’ Parents Kevin And Dreka Gates Are In An Open Relationship

Fans of the couple might be familiar with the arrangement that Kevin and Dreka have about their relationship. They are high school sweethearts who became a non-monogamous couple and have been with multiple casual sexual partners even while being married to each other.

Khaza Gates mother and father
Khaza Gates Parents’ Are In An Open Relationship and marriage

As a matter of fact, they have spoken at length in many interviews on how their relationship does not consider having multiple casual partners at the same time, cheating.

Their relationship is based on supporting each other without judgment as per many of their interviews. Kevin also expresses his love for Dreka constantly while making media appearances.

However, the open relationship has led many to believe that Kevin has children outside of his relationship with Dreka. Khaza has more than one sibling as well. 

Khaza’s Siblings 

Khaza has one biological sister named Islah, but his father hinted in a 2013 interview with Complex that he had other children but chose not to reveal their information. 

Similarly, Kevin Gates said that the public would not get to see all his kids and they would not recognize his children. 

Khaza Has Unidentified Half-Siblings

The star kid’s father Kevin has publicly hinted that he has children with women other than Dreka and said it did not make much sense to him to reveal how many kids he had.

While Khaza and Islah may know their half-siblings, Kevin has declined to make their identity public.

The rapper said, “I got some children” in 2013 when he had only one child (Islah) with Dreka. This means that Khaza has older half-siblings.

There is also a possibility that Kev has had other children after Khaza’s birth.

Khaza’s Parents Might Have A 3rd Child Together 

In December 2019, Khaza and Dreka announced that they were expecting a 3rd child together but have not followed up on it. 

In fact, they have not spoken about the matter ever since they announced it back in late 2019. They might have a third child, but due to the secretive nature of their parenting, they have chosen not to reveal it to the media. 

Khaza And His Sister Travel A Lot

The Gates family has to travel a lot due to their job, in fact, Kevin tours around a lot and is accompanied by his whole family sometimes.

Dreka also comes to his tours and is one of his booking managers. Khaza and Islah go with their parents on tour sometimes during their school breaks.

Khaza Is Unvaccinated And His Parents Are Anti-vaxxers

Dreka and Kevin have openly confirmed that they do not want their children to be vaccinated as per their beliefs. Dreka also said that they wanted all of her children to grow up naturally without putting any artificial chemicals into their bodies.

Kevin gates Khaza wife family daughter son
Kevin Gates with son Khaza, his wife, family daughter.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Kevin said that his children are “different” from other kids and added, “I don’t believe in conspiracy theories or anything like that, I’m just a cold-blooded investigator.”

Dreka has also been vocal about not vaccinating her children and raising them “naturally”. 

They also quote their rough childhood and the struggle that led them to believe in raising children to be the strongest they can, without chemicals or artificial things.

Khaza Gates’ Parents Struggled To Become Successful

Khaza’s parents Dreka and Kevin have both struggled a lot to be successful. In fact, Dreka struggled immensely and pushed Kevin when he chose to pursue a career as a rapper.

Similarly, they co-own a rap label named ‘Bread Winners’ Association’ which has various artists including Kevin. Additionally, the rapper’s tours and concerts are also managed via the label.

Before they were successful, the pair had a huge hurdle ahead of them but supported each other through it.

In the first half of 2021, Kevin sold a couple of thousand records per week and Dreka is also an accomplished entrepreneur with millions of followers on social media.

Kevin almost outsold superstar Rihanna in 2016 with his album eponymous album ‘Islah’ (dedicated to his daughter). He is also a multi-platinum certified star with millions of records sold around the world.

Further, the pair have also used their struggle as an inspiration to establish a charitable foundation. Additionally, Dreka’s mother is also an inspiration as she is also a humanitarian.

Khaza’s Maternal Grandmother And His Parents Are Social Activists

Khaza’s maternal grandmother Sharon “ShaSha” Haynes is an established social worker who has worked extensively with various charities including the American Red Cross.

Haynes is also an animal lover and works around the clock to help stray animals and at-risk pets.

Similarly, his parents also have a charitable organization called the Kevin & Dreka Gates Foundation, which empowers and educates people to help them succeed professionally.

The organization also educates young people on mental health issues that are a result of a hard upbringing. Kevin and Dreka both also grew up in tough neighborhoods which made their early life difficult.

Kamil’s Father Kevin Gates’s Rough Childhood Led Him To Music

Rapper Kevin Gates survived a brutal childhood full of violence and trauma. He later used these experiences in his music. Gates said that he used music as an escape from his upbringing.

He was also molested as a child which made him violent and angry.

Kevin Gates Was Molested As A Child 

Gates revealed in an interview that he was molested as a child and became incredibly vulnerable as a result. He said that he never trusted anyone after the incident and wanted to become the ‘toughest person on earth.’ 

Later, he focused all of his energy on what he describes as his escape from his surrounding, music. Soon after, he pursued music professionally. 

Rapper Kevin Gates Has Been Arrested Multiple Times 

Gates’ rough childhood translated into trouble with the law, quite often. He was first arrested at the age of 13 and has since had multiple altercations with the law. 

Kevin Gates arrested for kicking female fan
Kevin Gates was once arrested for kicking a female fan

He stabbed a person multiple times outside a theatre in 2003 and later kicked a fan during a performance in 2015. Similarly, he was even jailed for gun-related charges and battery charges for incidents from his past. 

He has remarked that his relationship with Dreka, their kids (Islah and Khaza) and marriage is one of the things that has made him think more before acting on a whim. 

The rapper even named his daughter, Islah which is an Arabic word for improvement.