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Kerrion Franklin

Who Is Kirk Franklin’s Son, Kerrion Franklin? His Relationship With Father & More

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Kerrion Franklin is the first child of revered gospel artist Kirk Franklin. The Grammy-winning choir director had Kerrion with his former wife, Shawn Ewing.  The eldest son grabbed popularity in March 2021 after he leaked his heated conversation with Kirk. Kerrion’s father is one of the inaugural inductees into the Black Music and Entertainment Walk Of Fame.

It is hard to believe such a decorated patriarch is having trouble with his son. But emotions usually triumph over all the fame and affluence. But what exactly caused sourness between the men of Franklin? Has Kerrion really started to live on his own? Or does he have a partner to help him through this rough time? And when exactly did the rift begin to emerge?

To know all these, follow the details below.

The Reason Behind Kerrion And Kirk’s Disputes 

Kerrion is Kirk’s eldest son with former girlfriend Shawn Ewing. He was born in 1988 when Kirk was still in his late teens. As a kid, Kerrion made an appearance in the Franklin family cover shoot with Jrt Magazine in 1998 and again in 2006.

Kerrion described the latter year as the last time he had ever been close to Kirk. Apparently, it has been more than 15 years since the father and son had a get-together. The father and the son would eventually exchange their opinions, though not in a pleasing manner.

“I’m still his dad and when it becomes aggressive, I’ve got to have respect.” So were the words of Kirk Franklin during his visit to the Tamron Hall Show. Evidently, there was some use of profanities by both the father and son.

“When yo’ b—h ass start being disrespectful, get yo’ skinny motherf—-n’ ass out the … I put my foot in your ass,” Kirk uttered to Kerrion in the March 2021 viral conversation.

Kerrion Franklin
Kerrion (left) had a heated conversation with his gospel artist father, Kirk. Source: Instagram

While defending Kirk, his biological mother, Ewing, admitted that they both hadn’t been the perfect parents. She confessed to hurting Kerrion and also suggested Kirk of doing the same. Veteran television presenter, Steve Harvey also had his say on this family matter, Kirk.

The Family Feud host argued Kirk had been a man before he was a gospel singer and that he had been a sinner before getting saved. Similarly, radio host, Ricky defended the gospel artist saying, “I don’t think Kirk Franklin owed anyone an apology.” Kerrion, despite his father’s apology, stood by his decision to speak against him and maintained that he was only playing “mind games.”

What Were The Other Words That Kerrion’s Father Used?

Kerrion complained about all the detailed words thrown at him by his award-winning father. The 33-year-old meme creator said, “This is why I’m done. No father should speak to their children like this. If I have any issues it’s because Of this type of treatment that ii deal with behind closed doors. Hanging up in my face, No apology, no compassion, no effort. Stop telling me to go home to my family I don’t even know where they live.”

“I don’t think I’ll ever trust my father to be alone around him ever again. I didn’t want to do this,” said the first son of Kirk Franklin. Kirk can be heard during the verbal altercation saying, “I will break yo neck (N-word).”

Apparently, there were a whole lot of words from the footage that the son decided not to upload in part to it being too embarrassing – even for himself.

On March 23, while doing an Instagram live with Larry Reid, he even threatened to change his name. The Swank Media owner said he was a hair away from changing his last name. “I’m one pen signage away from changing my last name,” added Kerrion.

What Is Kerrion Franklin Doing Now? Is He Dating Somebody?

The oldest son of Kirk is now running his own video-making company for advertisements called Vimeo. The E-service helps in creating and sharing videos for marketing and promoting products and services.

He also works as a director of photography/cinematographer at Evidence Film Studios, Los Angeles, California. He has been working at the firm since 2015. The former creative director of AR Ferone currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada or so tells his Facebook.

Kerrion Franklin
Grammy winner Kirk Franklin’s son, Kerrion Franklin now runs his own video-making company for advertisements and marketing. Source: Instagram

Through the same portal, he also identifies himself as free of romantic partners; therefore single. Hundreds and hundreds of pictures and fans are yet to see him posing with a love interest.

That has pretty clearly summed up the idea that Kerrion is living life on his own and seemingly choosing to stand solely, for the time being. Especially in the sphere of romanticism.

In the meantime, the Fort Worth native keeps himself occupied with generating memes and capturing his usual activities. He also has three other siblings; namely Carrington Franklin, Caziah Franklin, and Kennedy Franklin.

Kerrion Franklin was arrested over a Murder Allegation

In 2022, Kerrion was arrested over a murder allegation. In April 2022, Beverly Hills Police Department arrested him over a minor broken tail light issue, but when policemen searched his car, they found an unregistered gun.

Kerrion then went on to claim the car and gun weren’t his and when the police ran a check on the plates, it came to be of a female who is missing and presumed dead. Franklin was instantly given a ‘permanent residence’ without bond.

What Is Kerrion Franklin’s Net Worth?

Otherwise known as @kerrionrashad’s net worth is still a matter of speculation and conjectures. Though, telling from his social media lifestyle, he ought to be doing fine in terms of financial stability.

While a clear-cut assessment of his fortune is yet to be executed, we’re, nonetheless, going out on a limb to say he is worth in the region of five figures, at the very least.

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