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Who is Kit Bernard Foster? All About Jodie Foster’s Son and His College

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Kit Bernard Foster is the son of actress Jodie Foster. His mother is one of the prominent entertainment personalities, who has won a number of prestigious accolades including two Academy Awards, three British Academy Film Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards.

While Kit’s mother has been a regular face in the media, many people are yet to know who is Kit Bernard Foster’s father? Foster was reportedly conceived via artificial insemination like his older brother.

Let’s take a closer look at things you didn’t know about Jodie Foster’s younger son Kit!

Who is Jodie Foster’s Baby Daddy?

Unfortunately, there are no details about who is Jodie’s baby’s dad. But, in the past, there were rumors the late Hollywood producer Randy Stone was believed to be the father of Jodie’s baby’s dad.

Does Jodie Have a Biological Child?

No, Jodie doesn’t have a biological child. Reports say, her son Kid was conceived via artificial insemination.

Is Jodie Foster Still Married to Alexandra Hedison?

Yes, Kit’s mother Jodie is still married to his wife Alexandra Hedison, actress and photographer. The couple exchanged their vows in April 2014, in a private wedding. The two were in a relationship for a year before they wed.

Kit Bernard Foster is an Introvert As Per Her Mother

Kit is the youngest son of one of the most adored actresses Jodie Foster. Despite being the son of such a renowned actress mother, Kit Bernard Foster prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Jodie Foster’s Son Kit Doesn’t Want To Be an Actor

As per Jodie herself, the actress said that her younger son Kit is quite shy and rarely appears in public. Further, the 22 years isn’t fascinated by acting like his brother Charles.

Kit is rather more into musical instruments. He is a passionate trombone player and a talented artist.

How Was Kit Bernard Foster Born?

There are rumors that Foster was born through artificial insemination. He was born on 29th Sept 2001, at an LA hospital. Sources suggest that the then-baby-boy weighed 6lbs 3oz at birth.

Kit Bernard Foster biological father
Kit Bernard Foster with his brother and mother.

Jodie announced the pregnancy in April 2001. At the time, the award-winning actress told it to columnist Liz Smith,

“My sisters and I are all Scorpios, so we have a soft spot for the birth date. I enjoyed being pregnant with Charlie and I look forward to this experience again. I am into all the health foods, yoga, and the rest of it.”

The ‘Taxi Driver’ star was expecting her baby in November but it came nearly a month earlier. Following the successful delivery of the baby, a publicist Pat Kingsley for the actress said,

“there is no reason to raise any red flags–everything was normal. Both [Foster and child] are at home and fine.”

Kit Foster has an Older Sibling

He grew up along with his older brother, Charles Bernard Foster. He was born via artificial insemination at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on 20th July 1998, in Los Angeles.

Online tabloids say, for her first pregnancy, Jodie went to a Los Angeles clinic to pick the sperm of a dark-haired, 6-foot, Ph.D. scientist with a 160 IQ.

Kit Bernard Foster's mother and older sibling.
Kit Bernard Foster along with his brother and mother.
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Talking about motherhood, the actress once said it is “more artistic than anything I’ve ever done.”

Who is Kit Bernard Foster’s Father?

Ever since it’s been reported that Kit was born via artificial insemination, everyone wonders to know who is his biological father. But, neither Kit nor his mom Jodie has revealed the name of his dad.

In an interview with New York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith, when Smith asked Foster whether “her donor” was the same man as her first child Charles, the actress replied,

“I’m not going to answer that.”

But, back in years, there were rumors that Jodie’s late ex-boyfriend Randy Stone, a Hollywood producer was kit’s father. The speculation later turned out to be false.

Kit Bernard Foster’s Mother Jodie Shares Joint Custody of Her Children With Cydney Bernard

Jodie, who came out as gay at the Golden Globe Awards function in 2013, shares equal custody of her two children with her former partner Cydney Bernard, a producer. The ex-couple first came across when both of them were working on the set of a 1993 romantic periodic drama Sommersby. Soon after their meeting, they began dating.

Kit Foster's parents.
Kit Foster’s mother and her ex-partner.

They were in a romantic relationship for around one and a half decades. However, it couldn’t last long and they went their separate ways in 2008.

As of now, Foster is married to an actress and photographer Alexandra Hedison. The duo exchanged their vows a year after their dating in April 2014.

Which college does Kit Bernard Foster go to?

In 2020, Foster went to Princeton University, a private college in Princeton, New Jersey. He is expected to accomplish graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry in 2024, according to his Linkedin profile.

Besides, talking of his future plan, Jodie told to People that her second child is, “more likely to take the musical route.”

Where Does Kit Bernard Foster Live? Details on His Net Worth Too

Foster, 21 resides in Los Angeles, California at present. As for his net worth, the exact amount is still under review. In the meantime, his mother Jodie Foster’s net worth is $100 million. She has earned such a hefty fortune from her extensive acting career.