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Who is Kristin Luckey? All about Singer Billy Ray Cyrus’ Ex Girlfriend

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Kristin Luckey is a name that we don’t hear often in the media. However, she makes sporadic appearances in the media due to her past affair with a renowned singer and celebrity father. To be straightforward, Luckey is the former girlfriend of the very popular American singer-songwriter and actor Billy Ray Cyrus.

Besides, Billy Cyrus is also the father of very popular celebrities Miley Cyrus, Trace, and Noah Cyrus. Well, it’s obvious that Kristin is not together with Billy anymore and they have long been separated. However, due to Billy’s immense popularity, people are often curious about Kristin Luckey. But unfortunately, there ain’t much detail about her on the internet.

So, let’s try to bring forward several interesting and lesser-known facts about Kristin Luckey in today’s episode.

How Old is Kristin Luckey? When is Her Birthday?

Well, as we said Kristin doesn’t make her media appearance and prefers living under the media radar. Due to the fact, there are pretty little or no details about her early life on the internet.

However, we came to know she is in her early 50s. In an article by Mirror in 2009, Kristin was mentioned as a woman of age 39 that makes her birthday fall in the year 1970.

Furthermore, as per the records, she is a South Carolina native, however, it’s not known whether she still lives there or has relocated to somewhere around Los Angeles.

Kristin Worked as a Waitress

At the time Kristin came across the then-up-and-coming singer Billy Ray Cyrus in the early 1990s, Kristin was working as a waitress. She was working in a South Carolina hotel back then. However, there’s no info on what job she did following that and what she does at present.

On the other hand, her former partner, is one of the leading country singer in the United States.

Kristin Luckey Relationship with Singer Billy Ray Cyrus-Had One Child with Him

Billy was working days and nights to establish himself as a singer in America when he met Kristin Luckey. It was around the year 1991. The pair dated for a short time, however, in that brief period they conceived their first child, a son.

By the time Kristin gave birth to the child whom she named Christopher, Billy and Kristin were already broken up. Kristin gave birth to their son Christopher on April 8, 1992. Despite the fact that Christopher is one of the children of the famed artist Billy, he is not as famous as his other children.

Christopher Cody and his partner
Christopher Cody and his partner

Christopher is a University of Texas Law of School graduate. Besides, he has been in a relationship with his high school girlfriend. While many online tabloids have said he has been married to her and also has two children, Chris hasn’t confirmed his marriage to the mystery girl yet.

Break-up between Kristin Luckey and Billy Ray: Did Billy Cheated On her?

There are pretty few details on Luckey’s love life with Billy, however, with the information available until now, it seems like Cyrus had cheated on her. As per the reports, Cyrus’s wife, Tish was already pregnant with Miley Cyrus when Kristin gave birth to Christopher. In fact, Billy’s two children were born only eight months apart.

Talking to Mirror in 2009, Kristin revealed that she was unaware Billy was expecting a girl with Tish. She recalled she only knew about it when Billy revealed on TV that “he had a beautiful baby boy and another baby on the way.”

Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish Cyrus
Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish Cyrus.

She added she was shocked and got angry after learning the fact. “Then Billy Ray went on TV and said he and Tish were getting married and she was pregnant again,” added Kristin. She also noted that she stopped talking to Billy from the day.

Her Ex-Boyfriend Doesn’t Give Much Time to Her Son Chris

We all are huge fans of Cyrus siblings and have been following them for years, however, in these years, we rarely came to know they also have a half-brother Chris. It is because Billy Cyrus’s children from his wife Tish and his firstborn Chris don’t meet often. As a matter of fact, Billy doesn’t appear to have given much time to his son Chris.

When Miley Cyrus and her other siblings touched the world of glamour and fame, their half-brother Chris was working for hours just to meet his ends. Chris told Mirror that he would work at a store for $7.5 an hour. “Sometimes I’ll get five hours a week, other weeks I’ll do 20. I take what I can get,” said Christopher.

Kristin Luckey's son Christopher Cody Cyrus
Kristin Luckey’s son Christopher Cody Cyrus.

Moreover, Christopher was frustrated for not getting enough time to spend with his father. He believed had he gotten more time with his father, his relationship with his half-siblings would have been far better. He was also disappointed to be excluded from a reality show with his half-siblings.

Christopher said his father Billy doesn’t even wish him on his birthdays or at festivals. Meanwhile, Kristin said, “No one acknowledges his birthday or even Christmas for him.” At the same time, Kristin said that Billy had financially supported Chris, however, he had not been a good father to him.

Kristin Luckey is Married and Has Three More Children

After she split up with Billy Ray Cyrus, Kristin started dating a man named Mark Sorine. Not much about their relationship is known as of yet, however, we believe they are still together. Until 2009, they had been living a happily married life.

Besides, Kristin also had three children with her husband Sorine. Mirror reported Christopher has a half-sister Ali, 12 (in 2009). Besides, Chris also went on to reveal that his mother had one little girl aged one and another on the way back in 2009. But the names of her other two children are not known. Back then, the happy family was living in Fort Worth, Texas.

Her Net Worth

Kristin is one of those persons who becomes famous after they date a high profile celebrity. Her life before dating Billy’s life is like an obscured legend because of which there is no information regarding her total fortune. Still some online tabloids claim her net worth is somewhere around $250,000. On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend Billy is currently worth $20 million.