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Who Is LaDonna Hughley? Her Married Life, Career, Husband, & Much More

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LaDonna Hughley is an executive producer who is better known as the wife of DL Hughley (Darryl Lynn Hughley), an actor, political commentator, radio host, author, and stand-up comedian.

The stories of LaDonna and her comedian spouse, D.L. Hughleyare equal parts, tragic, triumphant, and to some even cautionary tales.

While this post could be about DL Hughley and all that he’s experienced and overcome, this is also more about how much his wife, LaDonna Hughley has endured stranding by his side. Learn in fullest about DL’s longtime wife, LaDonna Hughley, her parental history, how she met her husband, and so on.

LaDonna Hughley Has Produced A Few Shows  

In 2013, she appeared as herself in a short documentary titled Colored My Mind which she also executive produced.

DL Hughley's wife of over 30 years, LaDonna Hughley was born in the early '80s.
DL Hughley’s wife LaDonna Hughley with her father in Jan 2013 in Maine. Source: Facebook

She also was on a handful of episodes of OWN’s TV series documentary, Black Love. While DL’s partner of over 30 years does share pictures of her family (mother, sisters, and such), she hasn’t opened up details in regard to her life prior to meeting her celebrity husband.

What makes the matter more puzzling is the fact that she keeps most of her social media accounts far away from the reach of general people.

LaDonna Hughley And Her Husband, DL Hughley’s Relationship

LaDonna is married to her husband Darryl Hughley. They married each other on February 22nd, 1986.

When LaDonna met Darryl, the latter wasn’t a big comedian and was yet to gain his fame. It was around the 1980s when Darryl first encountered his future wife, LaDonna.

LaDonna Hughley and her husband DL Hughley have been married to each other since 1986.
LaDonna Hughley married actor DL Hughley in 1986 and the couple has been together ever since. Source: Facebook/Insta

The future radio host had just started working at the Los Angeles Times as a telemarketer. By 1983, they had started dating. The year he married LaDonna, he rose to the position of a middle management position in the LA Times.

LaDonna & Her Husband Faced Financial Problems

It was LaDonna who told him to try stand-up. Initially, the would-be cast on Dancing With The Stars didn’t receive that much of a success and in addition, was struggling finally.

LaDonna and DL nevertheless became pregnant with their first child.

Due to their poor financial condition, they faced mounting doctor bills all unpaid. What’s more, at one time, the California native actor’s rent check bounced and he and his wife also faced a power outage due to nonpayment.

Even when LaDonna became pregnant with the second child, they weren’t yet out of financial constraint.

It was during this time, that D.L.’s wife gave him an ultimatum to amend his life or his kids will suffer just like the pair did. The exec producer even told him to not call himself a comedian unless he took the stage.

In 2001, while talking to Hartford Courant, one of the Big Four comedians said,

“It was an epiphany.”

DL soon took a chance at stand-up comedy and he gradually started to gain success, both monetarily and fame-wise. After a few successful gigs as a comic man, Hughley left his 9 to 5 job at LA Times in 1991.

Together, LaDonna And DL Are Parents To Three Children 

With D.L. Hughley, LaDonna shares three children, one son and two daughters, Ryan Nicole Hughley, Kyle Aaris Hughley, and Tyler Whitney aka Lucci Hughley.

Ms. Hughley welcomed her eldest child Ryan in 1987. She is the wife of Atlanta native, Dr. Alejandro Shepard who she married in September 2019.

LaDonna Hughley's first child is married and has a daughter of her own.
LaDonna Hughley’s first child, Ryan with her husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram

LaDonna and DL’s middle child, Kyle was born in 1988. He, unfortunately, is autistic. The now 32-year-old second child of DL and his wife — has Asperger Syndrome.

LaDonna and her comedian husband, on more than one occasion, have talked about their son’s autism. Ms. Hughley’s youngest daughter Tyler, who she gave birth to in 1991 is a lesbian.

Both the Hughleys star and his wife are supportive of their daughter’s sexual orientation. As of this writing, she is in a relationship with a woman named Alex Phillips.

Her Husband Cheated On Her; Also Had A Child From An Affair 

Sometime during her courtship with DL, LaDonna’s husband cheated on her with another woman. He in fact also had a son from his extra-marital affair. The child, however, died at 9-months-old due to brain damage.

The extramarital affair of the ex-LA Times employee almost ended his and LaDonna’s marital ride. The comedian revealed his adultery during his appearance at Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast.

He admitted to cheating on his wife of three decades right when he was just starting out his comedy career back in the 90s. His child with this yet unidentified woman died after her other boyfriend shook him to death.

“I had knocked this chick up and had the baby, and the baby got killed by her boyfriend,”

confessed LaDonna’s husband.

DL additionally explained how one day he got a call reporting to him about his infant son being in the hospital. The former member of a street gang said he went to the hospital and knew his mistress’ boyfriend had shaken him and damaged his brain.

Despite all this, LaDonna chose to stay with DL. The ex-CNN host says the then response of his wife after knowing the truth was something he hadn’t expected.

LaDonna Hughley Helped Her Husband’s Mistress 

Notwithstanding what had happened between this mistress of DL and him, LaDonna financially supported her.

DL Hughley admits to cheating on her wife with another woman with whom he also had a son.
Despite knowing her husband’s affair with another woman, LaDonna Hughley decided to help her partner’s mistress. Source: Getty

Years after DL and his girlfriend lost their son, the latter started asking for financial help to the Scary Movie 3 star. After that, D.L. told her that his wife will have to take care of it because he cannot.

Surprisingly, LaDonna agreed to help her. She additionally expressed her sympathy by saying to her, “Sorry for your loss,” implying the death of her son.

LaDonna Hughley Net Worth

While DL Hughly is clearly a seven-figure man with his net worth hovering somewhere above $10 million, things get significantly fuzzy when it comes to his wife, LaDonna’s financial standings.

For starters, the mother of three barely appears for converses and doesn’t allow much about her out in the open, unlike her multimillionaire star husband.

Whatever the case though the days of economic hardships are far behind for both LaDaonna and her actor husband.

Still going out on a limb, it should be safe to say, DL’s spouse could very well have wealth at least in the ballpark of hundreds of thousands of dollars

Other Facts

  • When he was 13, her husband had faced sexual abuse from a 20-year-old woman.
  • LaDonne was born LaDonna Yvonne Murphy in May 1982.