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Who Is Lawrence Faulborn’s Son Ludo Faulborn? A Full Bio

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Ludo Faulborn is an American star kid. When you are born to a famous parent, you become famous whether you want or not. The same goes for Ludo. Even though he is still a child and has no knowledge about fame, Ludo has already hit the media as a star kid. He is the firstborn son of actress Kelli Giddish and her husband Lawrence Faulborn.

His mother, Kelli is one of the renowned American actresses, who is most famously known for her work as Amanda Rollins in the NBC crime drama series, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Well, many of Kelli’s fans have always shown interest in her personal life as well. From her husband, and married life to her children, they want to know everything.

So today let’s try to dig up everything about Kelli’s firstborn Ludo Faulborn.

Ludo was Born in 2015

She was born to mother Kelli Giddish and father Lawrence Faulborn on October 6, 2015. His mother’s pregnancy was written into her character in the NBC crime series, Law & Order: SVU when she was pregnant with him. Many of Kelli’s co-stars, including Ice T, congratulated her on her first motherhood.

Ludo Faulborn and his mother
Ludo Faulborn and his mother

His paternal grandparents are Jim Faulborn and Pat Faulborn while his maternal grandparents are Charles Giddish and Nita Giddish. Ludo is seven years old as of 2022. His parents haven’t revealed much about their first child, but we can safely say he has just started his school days.

Ludo Has a Sibling

Faulborn is not the only child born to actress Kelli and her hubby Lawrence. He also has a sibling, a brother. His brother, Charlie Faulborn was born on November 14, 2018.

Kelli first revealed she was expecting her second child just two months before Charlie’s birth. The 42-year-old actress showed off her baby bump in the premiere of the 20th season of the NBC crime series.

Ludo Faulborn and his younger brother, Charlie
Ludo Faulborn and his younger brother, Charlie

Like her first pregnancy, Kelli’s second pregnancy was also written into her character Rollins.

Ludo Faulborn Parents Marriage

Ludo’s parents, Kelli and Lawrence have been living a happily married life since 2015. The pair who met somewhere around the early 2010s dated for some time before they tied the knot. They got married on June 20, 2015. At the time of their nuptials, Kelli was five months pregnant with her first child Ludo.

The lovebirds exchanged vows in a privately organized wedding in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Their private wedding was attended by their family members and a few close friends. On her big day, the bride was seen in a white gown which she accessorized with a floral crown.

The star kid frequently appeared on his Father’s Instagram

Ludo’s father, Lawrence Faulborn is an Instagram fanatic. He has been active on the platform since the early 2010s. He has always been giving insights into his personal life through his posts. Even before his marriage to Kelli, he used to share his romantic times with his now-wife.

Nevertheless, for the last couple of months, he has decided to keep his Instagram private. At present, Ludo’s dad Lawrence shares his time with his parents and kids. Many of his posts used to feature his two kids, Ludo and Charlie.

From their visit to his parents to their vacations on the beach, Lawrence shared every moment with his followers. As of 2022, Lawrence’s Instagram has 5.6k followers. Interestingly, he has uploaded more posts than he has followers i.e., 5.8k as of 2022.

Ludo Faulborn Mother is a Millionaire

Being a star kid, we can very easily presume Ludo is living a luxurious childhood. And why wouldn’t he? After all, his mother is a millionaire. Ludo’s mom, Kelli has an estimated net worth of $8 million in 2022. She has earned a major portion of her fortune from her work as an actress. Most significantly, her role as Amanda Rollins in the NBC series, Law & Order: SVU has earned her a great amount of money.

On the other hand, Ludo’s father, Lawrence Faulborn’s net worth is unknown at present. Since info regarding Lawrence is not available at the moment, it is a little hard to predict his earnings and net worth.