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Who Is Lily Radford? The Never Talked About Daughter Of Karen Grassle

Lily Radford is mostly known for being the daughter of popular American actress Karen Grassle. Talking about her mother, Karen gained the limelight after playing in the NBC television series Little House On The Prairie. On the other hand, her father and Grassle’s ex-husband, James Allen Radford is a businessman.

Lily was adopted by Karen and her then-hubby James at a very early age. Likewise, do you know that Lily has a brother? So, was her brother adopted too? Also, what was the reason her mother never had biological children?

In this following article, we will learn the answers to all that in addition to more about Lily’s life on its own. We will also have a quick look at how many times her mother, Karen married, and even her own marital facts.

Lily Radford Early Life, Family Details, And Others

Radford, full name, Lilly K Radford, was born in the year 1984 in Los Angeles, California. As we mentioned, Lily is the adopted daughter of Karen Grassle and James Alan Radford. Karen and James reportedly adopted her when she was just born. According to some sources, Karen was the one who cut her umbilical cord.

Lily is the granddaughter of Gene Grassle. She also has a brother named Zachary. Lily’s parents adopted him shortly after Lily. In addition to Zach, she has three adoptive half-siblings from her father’s previous relationship.

Radford’s ethnicity is Caucasian and is American by nationality. Like Lily, her mother Karen is also Caucasian.

Lily Radford’s Mother Karen Grassle

Karen Grassle is a popular American actress who has been in the entertainment industry for many years. She is mostly known for her role as Caroline Ingalls in the NBC television drama series Little House On The Prairie.

Lily’s mother debuted her acting career in 1951 in a movie called Love Of Life. In the movie, she portrayed the character of Bonnie Draper. As per some sources, this movie got a lot of compliments from the viewers.

Lily's parent, Karen in the balcony of her house
Radford’s mom in her younger days

Some of her most liked movies are Crisis In Mid Air (1979), Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction (1983), Between The Darkness And The Dawn (1985), Wyatt Earp (1994), and Tales of Everyday Magic (2012).

Karen’s most recent project is Not To Forget released in 2021. She played the role of Melody and was praised for her performance by her fans.

During her acting career, Lily’s mom even wrote a movie named Battered in 1978. As of now, Karen has won 6 awards for her magnificent performance.

Lily Radford’s Parents Karen Grassle And James Alan Radford’s Marriage

Lily’s mom and dad tied their knot in 1982. Karen never revealed when they first met or started dating but according to some online sources, they met a few years before their marriage. Lily’s father James was a real estate developer and a businessman.

Lily's mom Karen reading a book
Karen Grassle reading a popular book Let Me Be Frank

As we mentioned earlier, the previous partners adopted two children while they were together.

The Reason Lily’s Parents Never Had Biological Offspring

The Little House actress, Karen opted not to have her own child owing to something terrible that had happened to her mother. Grassle’s mom apparently lost five babies before she would successfully give birth to the future Little House actress. In light of the tragedy her mother went through, Karen had decided from the beginning that she was not going to have kids of her own.

Discussing the reason with Los Angeles Times in 1985, Lily’s mother said,

“I finally decided that maybe a baby is never going to happen to me. My mother lost five before she had me. She had about given up when I was born. When I married Allen, I kept thinking, pretty soon, we’d have a baby together. We couldn’t get on a list for adoption because we’re too old.”

Nonetheless, when she and her ex-husband, James desired to have their kids, they went for adoption and were ultimately able to adopt Lily as their first.

actress, Karen Grassle and Michael Landon on the set of Little House.
Lily’s mother Karen as Caroline and Michael as Charles in Little House. Shutterstock

Sometime later, Karen and her then-husband, James would try to have a biological kid of their own but the couple failed to conceive due to Grassle’s infertility.

After failing many times, the ex-lovers decided to adopt one more child and it was none other than Lily’s adopted brother, Zach. In an interview, Karen while talking about her fertility problems said,

“We wanted to have a child and we’d been having some difficulties. We were on the verge of beginning fertility treatment and started contacting people we knew about adoption,”

She further added,

“A friend said, ‘You have to call this woman.’ She referred me to her [adoption] attorney [who knew of ] a young woman looking for a couple to adopt her child. It really felt like destiny.”

As per some sources, Karen’s friends helped her to adopt a child.

Even though Karen never had biological children, she loves Lily and Zach like they are her own. Adopting children felt like destiny to her. Karen apparently also took a break from her career to focus on raising her adopted children.

Lily’s Father and Mother Got Divorced But Are Still In Touch

Karen Grassle and James Radford got divorced in 1987. The previous couple never revealed the reason behind their separation to the public.

Even though their relationship did not work out, they still talk to each other. In an interview Karen revealed,

“I called Alan yesterday because I heard he wasn’t feeling well.”

Grassle added,

“I just came across this beautiful butterfly box given to me by my three stepchildren many years ago. It was so touching. He helped them pick it out.”

Looks like the couple still cares for each other as they once did.

Lily Radford Mother’s Other Marriages

Before James, Karen Grassle was first married to Leon Russom in 1966. He was also an actor. When they first met each other, both of them were trying to build their career in show business.

Karen Grassle's ex-spouse
Lily’s mother, Karen’s previous husband Leon Russom

After getting married, Karen and Leon struggled to manage their finances as they were both newcomers to Hollywood. They were together for about 4 years before getting divorced.

After the actress divorced Lily’s father, James, Karen got married for the third time to a guy named Dr. Scott Sutherland. She kept her relationship with him very private and never revealed much about him to the public. They were together for nearly six years before they parted their ways. Karen and Scott got divorced in 1997.

Lily Presumably Is In Her Early Late 30s; Where Is She Now?

As far as the people know, Karen’s only daughter, Lily Radford has always had a bit of mysterious life. Unlike her mother, Radford hardly has any noticeable exposure to media and fame. In fact, she has remained in oblivion since the day she became the daughter of Grassle.

Consequently, most write-ups of her life are simply based on suppositions only – with little to no credibility whatsoever. Some records, nonetheless, show that Lily was born around the year, 1984 and that she is already in her late 30s. She likewise is believed to be residing in Los Angeles, California at present.

Is Karen Grassle’s daughter Lily Married?

Much like her bygone days, the marital what-ifs of Lily Radford are also perhaps the most brainteasing corners of her wiki. Given that she is practically no more than just a close one to a once-celebrated actress, the answers to whether she has a husband or not are simply matters of theories.

Regardless, considering that Lily is well into her adulthood, it is more than possible that she at least has had some form of relationship in her so-far life.

Radford’s Net Worth

Not much is known about Lily’s wealth as she hasn’t even revealed what she does for a living. Having said that, the XYZ of her net worth, for the time being, is clearly a head-scratcher.

On the other hand, her mother Karen having done quite well in her career has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Other facts about Lily Radford

  • Lily’s mother Karen currently lives with her adopted son Zachary in San Francisco Bay Area.