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Who is Mahin Wilson? Here are some unknown facts of the wife of R&B singer Charlie Wilson

Mahin Wilson, initially, known as Mahin Tat is famous for being the wife of an American singer, musician, and songwriter Charlie Wilson who once was the lead vocalist of The Gap Band. He is also popular with the name ‘Uncle Charlie.‘ Besides her identity being a celebrity spouse, Mahin herself is a social worker and songwriter.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the professional as well as the personal life of Mahin. How a social worker becomes a songwriter? How did she meet her husband charlie? To know all these, stick with us.

Here we go.

When was Mahin Wilson Born? Know about her Early Life

She was born on November 6, 1955. So, as of 2022, she is 67 years of age. Mahin originally belongs to the Iranian roots as her family came from Iran.  They migrated to the USA and settled there. She was brought up in California, USA.

Apart from these, there is not much information available about her as Wilson preferred to keep a low life despite being the spouse of such a celebrated artist of America. Wilson is even looked at as an introverted person thus she is quiet about her parents and her educational history.

Besides, the celebrity spouse belongs to the Iranian ethnicity and is of Iranian-American nationality.

Mahin Wilson’s Career: She is a social worker by Profession

During the 90s, she used to work as a head in the Drug Rehabilitation Center, which was situated 50 miles north of LA.  Though the name of the rehab is unknown, that’s the place where she started her career as a social worker and helped many people to be free from drug addiction.

Among those strangers in Rehab, she met one more person whom she assisted to be free from narcotics and drugs, and that person became her husband after some time.

Mahin is a songwriter as well

Aside from her other work ventures, she is also a songwriter. So what inspires her to be a songwriter? The answer is easy, her beloved partner is also a songwriter, however, she might also have a serious interest in the field as well.

Whatever the reasons, she, as a songwriter evolved in the year 2000 and has accompanied her singer husband in writing dozens of songs. As a lyricist, she worked on some songs like ‘You Are, ‘My Love is All I have, and ‘If I Believe You’.

Among these, the song ‘You Are’ gave her, her first nomination as a songwriter. This particular song got its nomination two times for the Grammy awards in 2012 and also grabbed the number one position on Billboard Urban Adult contemporary chart.

Mahin Wilson is married to R&B singer Charlie Wilson: How did they meet?

In 1995, Mahin exchanged vows with American singer Charlie Wilson. The information like the date and venue of their wedding is unknown but they tied the knot in the same year they met each other.

Mahin Wilson husband Charlie
Mahin Wilson posing with her better half. Source: Zimbio

While talking about their first meeting, they came across each other in the Drug Rehabilitation Centre where Mahin was the head and Charlie had enrolled for his treatment against his addiction. She became his social worker and helped him to get rid of his addiction.

Slowly and gradually, they came close, and eventually, after Charlie got out of rehab, they started dating. As per sources, she rented a home for Charlie after he got out of rehab and helped him settle into his career. And this closeness eventually lead them to exchange vows with each other.

Till today, there are no reports of their separation or no controversy regarding their marriage. They are in their 27th year as a married couple and enjoying a blissful married life.

Mahin Wilson’s Husband Charlie is a famous American musician

Mahin’s husband Charles Kent Wilson is mostly recognized by the name Uncle Charlie, a famous American singer, musician, songwriter, and record producer. Born on January 29, 1953, he started his professional career with the Gap Band. Being a member of the band, he, along with other band members released altogether fifteen albums and declared their retirement as a band in  2010. Also, with the help of Michael Paran, CEO of P Music Group, he started his solo career as a musician and performer.

Likewise, he released albums like We Too Are One, Paid that Cost to Be da Boss, The Masterpiece, Ego Trippin, Forever Charlie, Bridging the Gap, and many more. Moreover, he gave his voice to several songs in his music career. As a result, he has been nominated several times for Grammy Awards.

Also, for his albums and songs, he got nominations eleven times for NAACP Image Award and won two times in 2014 and 2018. Furthermore, he has been honored with the Lifetime Achievement Awards for his contribution to the American Music Industry.

Mahin consistently supports her husband in his High and Lows

Her better half, Charlie has gone through many hard situations in his life, but thankfully she has consistently stood by his side as a pillar.

Mahin Tat enjoying with husband Charles Wilson
Mahin Wilson shares beautiful moments with her husband Charlie. Source: Harlem 2 Nippon

At first, when he was in the phase where he struggled a lot with his addition and rebuilding his music career, she came into his life as an angel and helped him all through this critical phase.

Likewise, she backed up her husband when he was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, back in 2008. At that time, she assisted him to be secure and helped in rising his self-confidence. Correspondingly, she has been helping him in his musical career either by collaborating as a lyricist or by deciding on some of the arrangements for his big projects.

How many children does Mahin Wilson share with her husband?

As both the husband-wife duo are more focused on their career, they don’t have any children till now. Both of them are in their 60s and seems like they won’t bring in any biological kids.

Seeing this, we can assume that, they of course are not in the mentality of starting a family so late. The couple has mutual respect and shares a strong bond with each other so it is sufficient for them to live a better family life.

Where is Mahin Wilson living now? Her Social Media Presence

Today, she is happily living with her husband in Los Angeles, California. Side by side, Wilson is also maintaining her low-key life despite being a celebrity spouse.

Regarding her presence on social networking sites, she is not active on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and others. She does have a Facebook account under her own name but it just includes two photos and one post. Mahin updated her profile picture with her husband on her Facebook account on May 19, 2021.

Mahin Wilson’s Net Worth

As we said, she is a social worker and lyricist. So, without any doubt, she has collected a good amount of money from her profession. As of 2022, her net worth is estimated at $1.5 million.

On the other hand, her husband’s net worth is $15 million.