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Who Is Mandy Shanahan? Everything About Kyle Shanahan’s Wife

Mandy Shanahan is popular for being the wife of an American Football Coach, Kyle Shanahan. Her husband Kyle is the professional American football coach for the San Francisco 49ers, one of the teams in the National Football League(NFL).

Besides being a perfect wife, Mandy is also an American Entrepreneur based in western Colorado City. Moreover, what about her family background? Well, she recently faced a tragedy with the demise of her mother. Thus, in this article, we are going to explore everything about her early life, education, marital status, and professional career.

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Mandy Shanahan’s Early life and How old is she?

Mandy was born Amanda O’Donnell in 1980 in Colorado city in the western United States. As of 2022, Mandy is 41 years old. She is the only daughter of her parents. Unfortunately, not much about her father is known but her mother Nancy O’Donnell was a teacher.

As a child, Mandy had a very ordinary and lived most part of her childhood along with her mother. Talking about her nationality, Mandy is an American and has a Caucasian ethnicity. 


As for her education, Mandy studied at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado. Mandy pursued her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado in English Literature with outstanding grades.

Mandy Shanahan’s Mother Died at the age of 57

Unfortunately, Mandy’s mother Nancy O’Donnell is no more in this world and reportedly died of cancer. She was diagnosed with the disease during her regular health check-up.

Well, after 3 months of diagnosis Mandy’s mother, Nancy died in 2002. At the time of her death, she was 57 years of age. 

Mandy Shanahan Is An Entrepreneur

By profession, Mandy Shanahan is a businesswoman and successfully runs her own business.

In addition to, being an entrepreneur and running her own business, Mandy as the wife of San Francisco 49ers’ coach also works as her husband’s manager. Overall Mandy generates income through various sources and is successful professionally.

Mandy Shanahan Married Husband Kyle Shanahan

Well, Mandy is married to her husband American football coach Kyle. The couple married on 5th July 2005, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. At the time of their marriage, Mandy was just 25 years old and Kyle was 26.

Mandy Shanahan Is Married To Husband Kyle Shanahan Since 2005
Mandy Shanahan With Her Husband & Kids

Around 500 people attended the wedding which was in Shanahan’s Cherry Hill house. The wedding party also included George W. Bush’s daughter Jenna Bush. She was reportedly the roommate of Kyle’s sister Krystal at the university in Texas and in NYC.

As of now, the husband and wife are married for over 17 years. And unlike most Hollywood couples, the duo does not seem to have any conflicts in their marital relationship.

Mandy Shanahan and Kyle Shanahan Are Together Since Their Childhood

The now-husband and wife Mandy and Kyle have known each other for years. The couple reportedly first met and began dating in high school days at Cherry Creek High School in Colorado.

However, they had no plans of getting married at a young age and had already discontinued their relationship after they moved to different universities for further studies. While Kyle joined the University of Texas, Mandy attended the University of Colorado. 

But fate had different plans as the former duo was reunited Mandy’s mom was diagnosed with cancer. Kyle who was still friends with her came as a helping hand supporting her in the hard times. 

This time again, the two fell for one another and eventually decided to walk down the aisle. Talking about the same, Mandy once stated,

He completely stunned me, Kyle, hands down, got me through that. After going through that with him, I couldn’t imagine being with anyone else. What was so alarming to me, being that young and going through something that devastating, I realized it’s not going to be the last sad thing that I go through.

Well, Kyle also stated how he had no plans to walk down the aisle but he changed his mind after reuniting with Mandy. He said,

I never planned on getting married at a young age, But then I understood. ‘OK, you don’t necessarily get to pick when you get married. You get married when you find the right person.’ And I found her. So I changed my plans

Mandy Shanahan Shares Three Children With Her Spouse

From childhood girlfriend to wife Mandy has been supportive of Kyle Shanahan for years. Well, from their marital relationship, the duo also shares three children. Mandy welcomed her first child Stella Shanahan in 2007.

Mandy Shanahan Had Three Children With Her Spouse Kyle Shanahan
Mandy Shanahan Has Three Kids

Similarly, a year later the couple welcomed a second child Carter Shanahan. The couple named their child after famous rapper Lil Wayne. Likewise in 2012, the sweet couple gave birth to their youngest child named, Lexi Louise Shanahan.

Well, the kids share a great relationship with their parents and vice versa.

Short Bio of Mandy Shanahan Partner Kyle Shanahan

Kyle Michael Shanahan was born on 14th December 1979 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is currently the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and previously he worked as the offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns, Washington Commanders, and Atlanta Falcons.

Kyle is the son of former Washington Commanders head coach Mike Shanahan. Mike and Kyle became the first father and son who lead their team to the Super Bowl in the history of the NFL

Soon after Kyle graduated from Texas in 2003, Shanahan became an assistant to Karl Dorrell at UCLA. Kyle was hired as an assistant coach for quality control under head coach Jon Gurdon. He has worked under six coaches.

Mandy’s Hubby Kyle Is A Head Football Coach

Back in 2017, Kyle was hired as the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers and signed a 6-year contract with the 49ers. Shanahan won his first game against New York Giants and ended the season with a five-game winning streak and winning six out of the seven-game played in the season.

On June 15, 2020, the 49ers & Shanahan signed a new deal of 6 years. In the same year, Kyle was fined $100,000 by National Football League for not wearing a face mask during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In 2021 Kyle was again fined $50,000 for violating the NFL code of conduct. However, the team 49ers have progressed a lot over the years.

Mandy Shanahan’s Net Worth

The net worth of Mandy is about $2 million which she has earned from her multiple businesses. Talking about Mandy’s husband Kyle has an estimated net worth of $6 million by 2022.