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Maya Chambers

Who Is Maya Chambers? Things To Know About Justin Chambers’ Daughter

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Maya Chambers is the daughter of Justin Chambers who is known for the role of Dr. Alex Karev in ABC’s medical drama, Grey’s Anatomy. Maya is among the five children of Justin and his wife of over two decades, Keisha Chambers.

Over the few years, she has grown into a millennial celebrity but unlike her father, there’s little to no information available with respect to her early life, career, and her personal life.

To that fans have become ever so curious to know about the other twin daughter of Justin Chambers. Down the article will give you an extensive focus on the past and the present doings of Maya Chambers along with the details of her early life, education, her boyfriends, and much more.

Maya Chambers’ Early Life

Maya Chambers was born on June 3, 1997. As of 2021, she is 24 years old. She is of English and African American heritage. Unlike her father, she has hardly appeared in media or sat for an interview talking about herself.

Maya Chambers
Maya Chambers. Source: Instagram

Consequently, not much about her early life is known for the time being.

Maya Chambers’ Parents 

As we’ve discussed in many of our previous pieces, the Chambers couple, Justin and Keisha met whilst sharing a common workplace. Maya’s father was working as a Kalvin Klein model while her mother was there as an agency booker. Justin was 22 at the time.

The couple allegedly started dating in the early 90s and tied the knot in 1993. Since then, the pair have been inseparable. They went on to produce five children. Maya and her twin sister, Kaila were the second/third.

Keisha Chambers
Maya Chambers’ parents, Justin and Keisha Chambers. Source: Getty

Because of the time they’ve spent together, Maya’s father thinks he wouldn’t know any other way his life could have been without Keisha.

He said Keisha has been with him when their grandparents were still alive and now their parents are also getting older. To that Justin added he is lucky to have Maya’s mother as his life partner this long.

Maya Chambers’ Siblings 

Maya has four siblings including her twin sister, Kaila Chambers. Her eldest sister, Isabella, 27, once appeared in a theater play along with her father’s Grey’s Anatomy co-star, TR Knight.

Her younger sister, Eva, 22, is currently pursuing a career in the girl band Pinky Pinky The Band. She serves as the bassist for the group. In addition to her, the band consists of guitarist Isabelle Fields, and drummer and lead vocalist Anastasia Sanchez. Pinky Pinky, The Band released its first EP in 2019 that included three songs; My Friend Sean, All The Birds, and Lady Dancer.

Kaila's twin sisiter, Maya Chambers
Maya’s twin sister, Kaila Chambers. Source: Instagram

On June 14, 2019, the trio released its debut album Turkey Dinner that consisted of eleven songs, including four songs from the EP they released shortly before.

Additionally, Maya has a younger brother, Jackson, who now is in his late teens.

Her twin sister is into films

Maya’s womb mate, Kaila is a Film Technician and Programmer at Film Makers Corporation in New York. She inspects films, manages print traffic, helps overall administrative things, and trains newcomers.

Kaila executed two shows in 2017; the first one: an animated program of women filmmakers and the second was a Halloween show – also an animated.

Maya’s twin recently directed a music video, “By the C” from Blair’s EP entitled Tears to Grow (2021).

Maya and her family love dogs

Back in 2007, Just Jared spotted the Chambers family taking in dogs from a pet adoption stand. During the time of the adoption, Maya’s father also urged people to rescue more stay dogs.

Maya and her family are huge dog lovers. In fact, at times, the siblings have found themselves arguing over who would walk the pup home.

In 2016, her family extended their canine members by adopting three more stray dogs.

Does She Have A Boyfriend?

Although Maya, herself, is yet to have a say in this regard, she has, on several of her Facebook posts, appeared with a guy named Alex Palazzo in quite a doting manner.

Many of her followers and friends have remarked such posts of her with love emojis. This has led some to believe that she holds quite an emotion for Palazzo. In fact, their relationship allegedly is much more than just a friendship.

Maya Chambers with Alex Palazzo
Maya Chambers with Alex Palazzo. Source: Facebook

It is believed the pair have been together since high school considering they were each other’s prom dates. Palazzo lives in Pasadena, California.