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Michael Strahan’s Girlfriend Kayla Quick: Where Is She Now?

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Kayla Quick is a former strip-club waitress, who is currently known in the media as the girlfriend of TV personality Michael Strahan. Besides, she was also in the media in 2005 for stealing her grandmother’s jewelry.

Well, following her relationship with the former American football player Michael, Kayla has grabbed huge media attention. In fact, the couple has been seen together oftentimes on multiple occasions.

So, from facing criminal charges in the past to dating one of the most successful individuals, Quick’s life has been pretty interesting. In this article, we are going to talk about some untold facts about her career, love affair, net worth, & much more.

Kayla Quick Bio, Age, Parents

Quick was born in 1987, in Port Charlotte, FL, in a Christian family. As of 2022, she is 35 years of age. She is the daughter of father Gerald Quick and mother Mary Kay Quick. She spent most part of her childhood along with her parents.

Unfortunately, her childhood was not a pleasant one as her dad was involved in criminal activities. He reportedly died in 2012, at the age of 54.


Besides, she has an older sister Kara Lee Quick. Apparently, she shares a decent relationship with her sibling.

Kayla Quick Is Famous For Dating Her Boyfriend Michael Strahan

As we said, Kayla gained fame in the media after dating a successful former footballer & TV personality Michael Strahan. While it is unclear when they first met, the boyfriend and girlfriend made their first public appearance back in May 2015 in St Barts in Caribbean Island.

Kayla Quick And Her Boyfriend Michael Strahan
Kayla Quick and Her Boyfriend Michael Strahan Enjoying in St Barts

Around the same time, they were also seen enjoying a romantic dinner in Manhattan. Not only this but Kayla and her boyfriend Strahan also attended the 2015 Super Bowl together.

When the duo first began dating, Kayla was around 28 whereas Michael was 44. However, despite the age difference of 16 years, they got along pretty well. But are they still together?

Well, they were last seen together back in 2018 on a date night in New York’s Upper East Side. They have since kept themselves away from the media. So far, it is unclear if they are still together. None of the duos have shared a single post on their socials which makes it even difficult to trace their relationship status at present.

Kayla With Strahan On a Romantic Dinner Night
Kayla Was Spotted Together With Her Boyfriend Michael During Their Romantic Dinner Night

That said, we hope, they are together and doing their best in their relationship.

Kayla Quick Worked As a Waitress In The Past

Prior to meeting her boyfriend Michael, Kayle worked as a waitress at the Tampa strip club Thee DollHouse, in Florida. She reportedly worked there back in 2005, when she was just around 18 years of age.

Further, there are also reports that she also worked as a stripper there.

She Was Charged For Grand Theft Back In 2005

Just in case you didn’t know, Kayla also has a criminal past. Back in 2005, she was arrested for stealing her grandmother Margaret Cox’s jewelry worth $6000. She was reportedly involved in the theft along with her high school boyfriend Justin Hundley.

Mugshot of Michael's Girlfriend Kayla Quick After Being Arrested For Jewelry Theft
Mugshot of Kayla Quick After Being Arrested For Jewelry Theft

As per the reports, her ill granny found her jewelry gone as she returned home after recuperating from an illness. Soon enough, Cox had Kayla and her then-partner arrested after finding that they were in her house in her absence.

Her case was turned over to the juvenile courts, but it is unclear what punishments she received.

Quick Was Earlier Arrested Back When She Was 14

That was not the only time Kayla Quick was arrested for illegal activity. But back when she was just 14, she was kept in custody for disorderly conduct as she was involved in a fight at her home in Port Charlotte, Florida.

It was also around the same time that she suddenly changed to becoming a big party lover visiting different clubs almost every day.

Quick Family Was Into Illegal Activities

As we said, Kayla’s family members were very much into crime. As per the reports, even her dad had been arrested over 19 times for different illegal acts. He was charged with drug possession, and even carrying weapons numerous times prior to his death.

Likewise, her sister Kara was arrested for possession of drugs in 2015.

Kayla Quick’s Boyfriend Michael Is Married Twice

Well, Quick’s partner Michael has been married twice. He was first married to Wanda Hutchins, an interior designer. The couple reportedly married in 1992. They were in a relationship for over four years before they called it quits and divorced in 1996. Unfortunately, they never revealed the reason for their split.

Eventually, in 1999, Strahan married for the second time to his then-wife Jean Muggli. However, like his previous marriage, his second marriage too ended up in a divorce. They reportedly separated in 2006. Around the time of their split, his second wife Jean even claimed Strahan as gay.

After his second divorce, Michael was even engaged for marriage with Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy. They reportedly added for years before getting engaged in 2009. However, they called off their engagement in 2014.

He Has Four Kids With His Wives

Well, Kayla’s partner Michael is a father of four kids, Tanita Strahan, Michael Strahan Jr, Sophia Strahan, Isabella Strahan. Tanita and Michael Jr. were born from his marriage with Wanda in 1992 and 1995 respectively.

Michael Had Four Children From His Previous Marriages
Michael With His Children

Similarly, Sophia and Isabella are twins born from his relationship with his second wife Jean on October 28, 2004. Apparently, he shares a great relationship with all her kids.

Is Kayla Quick Married?

As far as the sources are to be believed, Kayla is not married at present. In fact, she has never been married in the past as well and she does not seem to have any plans to tie the knot anytime soon as well.

So far, she has only been reported of having been in two relationships, one with her high school boyfriend Justin Hundley and later with Michael Strahan.

Hopefully, we will get to see Kayla married someday in the future.

What Is Kayla’s Net Worth?

As a youngster back in the day, she earned around $2000 a week from her job as a waitress at a strip club from her customers. However, she has not revealed the exact sum of her net worth at present.

On the other hand, her boyfriend Michael has a net worth of $65 million. He made most of his money from his career as a footballer, journalist, and TV personality. he reportedly earns a salary of $17 million in 2022.

Kayla Quick Is Not On Socials

Well, Kayla is not on any social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It looks like, she is a private person and does not enjoy being on any of such platforms.