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Who is Miki Yim? Details About Sung Kang’s Wife

Miki Yim is the celebrity spouse of popular American actor Sung Kang. He played his first major role in the franchise Fast and Furious where he played the character of Han Lue. For the franchise, he has portrayed the role of Han four times.

Talking about his wife, Miki is very secretive; unlike Kang, she likes to stay away from the limelight. Thus, knowing more about her can be challenging, but we have gathered some information about her that we think people might be interested in.

Here, we will discuss where was she born? Is she an American? How did Miki and Sung Meet? How many children do the couple share and how much is she worth? To know more about her stay with us till the end.

The Mystery Of Miki Yim Early Life

The celebrity wife was born in South Korea although Miki nor her husband Sung has revealed her date of birth. Miki has always come across as a very private person and hasn’t disclosed much about her personal life to many people, especially the media.

Regarding her education, Miki hasn’t revealed much about where she graduated, although there have been rumors that she enrolled at Meiji Gakuin University.

On the other hand, her husband Sung attended the University of California for his higher education. While studying, he chose acting instead of law school which his parents originally wanted him to do.

Talking about her ethnicity, Yim is of South Asian descent and holds American nationality.

What Does Miki Yim Do For a Living?

As mentioned earlier, Miki likes to keep her life to herself and doesn’t like to discuss much with the public thus it can be a challenge to find out about her professional life. Having said that, there are a handful reports regarding her career.

For starters, there is a misrepresentation of what she does for a living. Many articles have been written about Miki Yim saying she has worked for many popular brands including Chanel, Prada, and JTB Hawaii which is not true.

People came to believe this rumor because of a woman who shares the same name as Miki and in her LinkedIn profile, the woman stated that she works for the brands mentioned above.

The Lovebirds Are In a Marital Relationship For 8 years

By now you have got the gist of the fact that the pair are very private when talking about their relationship and the same goes for their marriage. Nevertheless, after going through tons of articles and reports they allegedly got hitched on 8 July 2014.

The duo had a very private wedding ceremony attended by their close friends and loved ones. Likewise, they have been together ever since and we hope that they would be together forever and ever.

Details Of Their Meeting: Miki Yim And Sung Kang Met At A Karaoke

Miki first met her future husband at a Karaoke in Koreatown. Soon after they saw each other, Miki and Sung started having regular conversations. The couple started singing songs and at one point Kang sang the lyrics of the song wrong which he felt was embarrassing. The song he butchered was When Doves Cry released by Prince.

Speaking of that particular incident, Yim’s husband once said,

“Being in L.A. for a while. I don’t sing well.”

That night, Miki also roasted Sung for his hairstyle. Most people especially women love the way Kang keeps his hair but Yim, on the other hand, thought the hairstyle was terrible. In an interview, Sung revealed things about karaoke night and said,

“Where do you get your hair cut? You need to get your money back because you look like the Korean Dutch boy.”

Even though Kang had a pretty embarrassing night, the couple eventually started dating each other and got married.

How Many Children Do The Couple Share?

Miki and Sung have kept their marriage life very private and haven’t disclosed much to the general public. Even on Kang’s social media, there isn’t a single photo of him with his family, especially his wife, Yim.

Miki Yim's husband at an event
Sung at Bangkok International Film Festival

It is very hard for us to say if the couple shares a child but there are rumors that Miki and Kang have two kids, a boy, and a girl. This rumor came to be when Miki’s husband appeared at the Bangkok International Film Festival with two little kids.

Miki Yim and Her Husband Visited a Popular Restaurant In NYC

Miki caught the public’s eye after visiting a popular sugar factory restaurant with her husband, Sung. After the couple visited the place, Sugar Factory stated that Sung and Miki stopped at their restaurant on their website.

Sung and Yim walked into their eatery to satisfy their sugar cravings. The couple must have a sweet tooth because they ordered Sugar Factory’s signature cappuccino for a drink and ordered red velvet cake and s’mores crepe for dessert.

Miki Yim with her hubby
The actor with his other half walking down the road.

According to the Sugar Factory, the partners were very friendly and made conversation with almost everyone at the eatery.

While leaving the place Sung bought Miki Sugar factory’s Rainbow of Sugar Couture Pop and also took some Swedish fish on their way out.

Other than her husband, many famous celebrities have visited the restaurant including Rupert Grint, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Drake, Britney Spears, Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner, and many more.

What Does Miki Yim Looks Like?

Many articles have posted pictures of a different woman saying it is Miki Yim which is quite untrue. Yim’s husband has never revealed what she looks like to the public.

Miki Yim's Husband with his die hard fan
Sung Kang’s fan is mistaken for his wife.

There are pictures on the internet where Sung is hugging a woman and many people are confused as to whether she is Miki or not. However, truth be told, she is one of his diehard fans whom he met during an event.

Similarly, to commemorate her love for him Sung Kang even posted a picture of her and thanked her for all the love and support she has given him throughout the years.

Miki Yim’s Net Worth

As per some online sources, Miki has an estimated net worth of around $500,000 as the wife of the famous actor Sung Kang. Likewise, her hubby is estimated to have a total net worth of $8 million. He has accumulated from his career as an actor and producer.