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Who Is Mina Starsiak’s Father Casey Starsiak? Things You Didn’t Know

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Casey Starsiak is an American orthopedic surgeon known to mass as the father of HGTV Good Bones stars, Mina Starsiak and Tad Starsiak. He is also the ex-husband to show’s another main cast, Karen Laine.

Casey’s daughter and wife have made home remodeling chores a treat to watch. The Starsiak girls have made a name for themselves while rehabilitating all of Indiana’s rundown home into a bit more cozy dome.

But are the skills inherited? Was Mina’s father involved in developing her handy techniques? How is the father-daughter relationship in the first place? Are they still in touch? To know all these, just roll up the content below.

Mina Starsiak’s Father Casey Starsiak’s Early Life

Dr. Starsiak was born in 1948 to his late parents, Dr. Casimir R Starsiak and Mildred Starsiak. Casey has two siblings, Dr. Janet Starsiak and Diane (Edward) Hahn.

Casey Starsiak with his daughter Mina Starsiak
Casey Starsiak with his daughter Mina Starsiak. Source: Pinterest/Getty

Mina Starsiak’s father and Karen’s ex-husband obtained his bachelor’s from Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, where he also completed his education in physical therapy.

The Starsiak’s chief got his doctor of osteopathic medicine degree from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine/Midwestern University in 1977. Likewise, the Healthgrades Honor Roll surgeon completed his residency and orthopedic surgery training at the Doctors Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Casey Starsiak Is A Qualified Surgeon

Dr. Starsiak is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon currently working at Community Physicians Network, Starsiak Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Guion Rd Ste, Indianapolis, IN. The father of Mina Starsiak specializes in neck and back problems, sports injuries, knee and shoulder arthroscopic surgery, total knee and hip replacements, and other musculoskeletal disorders.

Casey Starsiak’s Relationships

Casey was in a long relationship with Karen E Laine. The marriage produced three children, Mina, William, and CR. However, it is not known if Laine is the first wife of Dr. Starsiak. People are also unaware as to why and when Casey divorced Karen. After Mina’s mother, Casey married a woman named, Cheryl.

They went on to have two children, Tad and Jess. Cheryl Ann Rake Starsiak Murrell was born on December 19, 1970, in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and was the manager at Medical Office Outsources.

Cheryl was also a member of the Rock Of Ages Christian Center. She had a child Kaleigh Nichole Murrell, from her previous relationship with Good Bones’ general contractor, Leonard (Lenny) E. Murrell. She had married Lenny on March 12th, 2000 in Marion Indiana.

Much like his bond with Karen, Casey’s relationship with Cheryl couldn’t last that long. They separated and Cheryl once again went on to marry Lenny.

Unfortunately, Cheryl couldn’t enjoy her married life with Lenny forever. She passed away at age 34 on November 20, 2005, when Tad was just 12. She spent her later life in Mooresville, North Carolina. After that the widower, Lenny started his next conjugal relationship with Ginger.

Casey’s Ex-Wife Karen Struggled Financially

The former wife of Casey Starsiak struggled at the beginning of her Good Bones career. The mother-daughter duo had to mortgage their homes and asked the family to invest money. This was so that they could grow their business, Two Chicks, and Hammer enough to film a show about it.

Casey Starsiak's daughter and ex wifeMina Starsiak and Karen E Laine struggled financially during early Good Bones days
Casey Starsiak’s daughter and ex wifeMina Starsiak and Karen E Laine struggled financially during early Good Bones days. Source: Getty

Things turned more difficult when Casey’s former partner had to deal with her now-husband, Roger’s cancer.

His Daughter’s Infertility

Casey’s daughter, Mina Starsiak struggled with having a child of her own. After becoming a mother to her first baby, the doctor told Casey’s daughter that the only option for her to have yet another child would be through an egg donor.

The news hit hard to her; so much so she went on to cry publicly on her Instagram. Fortunately, after some rounds of IVF, she finally conceived her second heir who she welcomed in September 2020.

Casey’s Ex-Wife Didn’t Like His Son In Law

Prior to Mina and Stephen’s wedding, Karen was a little skeptical and unwelcome about the latter’s intention.

Mina reportedly had a one-sided feeling towards her future husband Steve Hawk. As per Karen, she pursued him but he didn’t show any interest in the beginning.

Casey Starsiak's ex wife threatened her son in law
Casey Starsiak’s ex-wife threatened her son-in-law. Source: HGTV

The couple somehow started dating but eventually broke up before deciding to patch up things once again. Allegedly, before their split, Steve was quite rude to Casey and Karen’s daughter. With that in mind, Karen had warned Steve about hurting her daughter before reigniting things with her.

“The only thing I said to him was ‘Don’t ever hurt her again because you’ll have me,’”

said the 58-year-old.

Things, nonetheless, now appear to be under the bridge between Karen and her son-in-law. Remarking on the incident, Karen thinks a person’s first impressions hardly matters.

She has also admitted her positive feelings for Steve saying that she loves him because they have been through some conflict and struggle together. She additionally mentioned it was their conflict and the consideration of working on it that has helped them to grow together.