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Who is Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi? Interesting Facts About Bryan Adams Daughter

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi is mostly known as the daughter of popular singer and guitarist Bryan Adams. Bryan gained fame after his successful career in the music industry. He has been in the industry for more than four decades and is popular to this date.

The Canadian singer, Adams shares his daughter, Mirabella with his longtime partner, Alicia Grimaldi. The Summer Of ’69 singer’s popularity is quite apparent among the general audience but ironically his baby mother and the kids themselves have always remained away from his spotlight. There nonetheless has always been that occasional concern regarding Adams’ family.

So, in this article, we will learn in detail about Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi, one of the people close to Bryan. Read how her life has been going so far as the daughter of a famous artist in addition to some aspects of her mother and more.

When Was Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi Born? Details on Her Early Life and Age

Mirabella was born on 22 April 2011. As of 2022, she is 11 years old. Mirabella is the daughter of Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi. The star kid has a younger sister named Lula Rosylea Adams who is currently 9 years old.

Mirabella Bunny Adams with her father
The Bestselling singer/musician with his daughter.

Mirabella weighed 7 pounds when she came into this world. When she was born, her father was very proud and told his fans,

“I’m really proud to announce on 22 April, Mirabella Bunny was born.Thanks in advance for your kind thoughts and wishes.

Bryan, at last, assured that both his wife and their little girl were well and happy. He ultimately thanked his fans for their thoughts and wishes.

Meaning Behind Her Name

Mirabella is a feminine name of Latin origin and the meaning behind her name is ‘wonderful’ or ‘wondrous beauty.’ It is a perfect name for someone as beautiful as Mirabella.

Similarly, many of us may be wondering why is her middle name ‘Bunny’ named after an animal.  Well, she was born on Easter Friday and while talking about her birth the singer said,

“She arrived like all good Easter bunnies on Easter Friday.”

Bunny is a perfect middle name for someone who is as precious as Mirabella.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi Family Tree

Mirabella is the granddaughter of Conrad J. Adams and Elizabeth Jane Adams. On her mother’s side, her grandparents are Sylvia Davinia Gay Wilkinson and Peter Martin Gort Beaufort Grimaldi.

Her great grandparents were Phyllis Anne Twigg and Philip Rainier Beaufort Grimaldi. She also has an uncle named Bruce Adams. From her mother’s side, Mirabella has two aunts Carina Grimaldi and Sophia Grimaldi.

Her Ethnicity And Nationality

Talking about her ethnicity, Mirabella is mostly English (both from her father and mother). Interestingly, from her father’s side, she is also of Maltese descent.

While young, Mirabella has easy access to dual nationalities, Canadian and British. Her mom is British whereas her father is Canadian.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi’s Father Bryan Adams Is A Singer

Bryan is a Canadian singer and guitarist. Aside from singing, he is also an actor, record producer, photographer, film producer, human right activist, social activist, and film score composer. He is verified as one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi's father is a famous singer.
Singer/Guitarist Bryan Adams.

It is estimated that he has sold between 75 million to 100 million records worldwide. There are very few music artists in the world who have broken this feat.

Bryan debuted his first album in 1980 which peaked at number 69 on the Canadian RPM Albums Chart. His third album Cuts Like Knife was his most successful album outside of Canada. Recently he released an album called Classic.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi’s Parents Bryan Adam And Alicia Grimaldi Are Yet To Get Married

There is a lot of confusion as to whether the couple is married or not and the answer is no. The duo hasn’t spoken publically on whether or not they will get married.

Similarly, on the subject matter of their dating, the pair started seeing each other in 2009 when Alicia was working as a personal assistant for Bryan.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi parents are together since 2009.
The pair is yet to be married.

Furthermore, after dating for some years, the lovers decided to level up their relationship by having a child. Their first child Mirabella was born in 2011 and after 2 years the couple gave birth to their second offspring, Lula Rosylea Adams.

Mirabella’s Father, Bryan Was Accused Of Having Two Relationship

When Bryan welcomed his first child with Alicia, his then-girlfriend Antonia Harrison accused him of cheating on her. Antonia, at the time, was working as an advertising executive at Leo Burnett.

According to Antonia, she and Adams were in their two-year relationship before she heard about Bryan having a child with Alicia. She was devastated when she heard the news.

Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi's father was accused of cheating by his former girlfriend
Bryan Adams was accused by his ex-girlfriend.

Antonia’s friends said that Adams tried reaching her after the news but Antonia refused to see him. Allegedly, Harrison’s friends also said that,

“He made her glow. Even though she didn’t like to talk about him, you could tell that she was very happy. She is a passionate character so the relationship was obviously very passionate.”

They added,

“They would talk about photography, fashion, music, and film. They’re both into anything cultural. Antonia studied history at university and reads everything and anything. She likes to learn from people and found his knowledge of world topics a very attractive aspect of his personality. They also found each other very physically attractive.”

Bryan, on the other hand, denied all the accusation that was made between him and his baby mother, Grimaldi. He never confirmed this story so it is tough for us to tell whether this accusation was true or not.

How Rich Are Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi’s Parents?

Mirabella must be living a luxurious life as both of her parents Bryan Adams and Alicia Grimaldi have done quite well in their respective careers.

Her father has an estimated net worth of $75 million. Bryan earned his wealth thanks to his career in the music industry. He must have also made a handsome amount of money from brand deals. Meanwhile, her mother has an estimated net worth of half a million.

Does Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi Have Social Media

As of now, she is not active on any social media sites. Mirabella might start using social media when she is older. Getting followers on her social media will not be an issue as she is the daughter of Bryan Adams.

Meanwhile, her father, Bryan has nearly a million followers on his Instagram. He mostly posts about his tour and his love for music on his Instagram. Adams is also active on Twitter where he is followed by more than 600,000 fans.