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Who is Owen Wilson Wife? He Is The Father Of Three Children

Actor Owen Wilson has a long list of super-hit movies. Especially his performance in The Royal Tenenbaums brought him immense success. He also got the nomination for the Academy Award for the role.

On the other hand, his love life looks like a little rock and roll. Owen has been romantically linked to several women to date and has also three children from his three different relationships.

Due to his multiple romances, fans also want to know if the actor has turned any of his relationships into marriage? If yes, who is Owen Wilson’s wife? Let’s explore everything about his love life in detail in this article!

Is The Actor Married? Who is Owen Wilson Wife?

The ‘Wedding Crashers’ star isn’t married yet, meaning Owen doesn’t have a wife. Despite his multiple romances in the past, Wilson never tried to turn any of his girlfriends into his wife. Apparently, the actor is the father of three children, including a son with his married personal trainer.

Let’s find out his relationship with kids and their mothers!

Owen Wilson has a first Child with His Girlfriend Jade Duell

Wilson and his future partner Duell first met on a flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C in 2010. Jade sat next to him. The two soon began dating and announced they were expecting their first child four days before their son, Robert Ford Wilson was born on 14th Feb 2011.

Owen Wilson' first child with Jade Duell
Owen Wilson has his first child with Jade Duell

His federal air marshal girlfriend gave birth to their baby boy after an 18-hour into labor at their home on the Hawaiian island of Maui.

However, a few months after the birth of their first child, the two went their separate ways. Sources say, they broke up because of Wilson’s unwillingness to commit. A source close to the couple told National Enquirer,

“Owen wanted the freedom to do what he wanted with his friends, both male and female, while remaining a family unit with Jade and the baby.”

Tabloids reported Duell moved to New York with her son to spend time with her family while the actor remained in Santa Monica. Despite the reports, they were spotted together with their son in Venice, California in August of 2011.

Furthermore, back in late 2014, Owen was seen with a mystery brunette in Miami. Later, it was reported the unknown woman was Duell also.

Owen Wilson’s Second Son With His Another Partner Caroline Lindqvist

The actor welcomed his second son, Finn Lindqvist Wilson, on 30th Jan 2014 with his then-girlfriend Caroline Lindqvist. The two have been friends for a long time before their friendship turned into an undeniable romance.

Wilson met his Swedish-born gf Caroline at a party in 2003. An insider told that they have “dated on and off for years.” The two reconnected again shortly after Owen’s suicide attempt in 2007, which is said to have been sparked by his separation from actress Kate Hudson.

Owen and Caroline who were in an on and off relationship for a long time announced their pregnancy in October 2013. She got pregnant after her split from her plastic surgeon husband, Ritu Chopra.

Owen Wilson wife Caroline Lindqvist showing her growing baby bump
Caroline Lindqvist showing her growing baby bump

An insider told Star Magazine at the time,

“Caroline is six months pregnant with Owen’s child…She was shocked to learn that she was pregnant but decided to keep the baby. Owen plans on being fully involved and will financially care for the child, but has no intention of settling down with Caroline, which is tearing her up.”

When Caroline was pregnant, the two weren’t in a relationship but they decided to raise a baby together. Caroline said,

”Owen and I decided to have a child even though we’re not in a relationship. And we’re not planning on starting a relationship, either.”

Wilson’s ex added,

“Owen and I are two close friends having a baby together. We are really looking forward to it and can’t wait to welcome our child at the end of January.”

In November 2013, they find out they were having a son. Wilson also seemed quite supportive of their baby boy. An insider told Us Weekly, “Owen plans to be involved with the baby and help raise him.”

Are They Still Together?

Following the birth of their child in Jan 2014, the two kept their romance out of the public eye for several years. But they looked back together in 2019. People started assuming whether the two reunited after they made a couple of public appearances in Miami Beach in March and again in New York in October of the year.

They are casually seeing each other on and off for several years but neither of the parties has yet to confirm whether the two really reunited or not.

Owen Wilson Relationship With Varunie Vongsvirates: They have a daughter

Wilson and his long-time girlfriend Varunie began dating back in 2014. The two were caught together in June 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

They were in an on-and-off relationship since then. Vongsvirates made headlines in 2018 after announcing that she is pregnant with Wilson’s child. At first, the actor didn’t believe it because of which Varunie underwent a paternity test which confirmed that he was the biological father.

At the same time, a source told Us Weekly about Wilson’s relationship with his two other children,

“Owen has been a great father to his boys and has maintained a warm and close relationship with their mothers. Of course, if a paternity test establishes that he is the father of another child, he will fulfill all of his obligations to support his child.”

Vongsvirates revealed her pregnancy on her Insta in June 2018. She wrote on the photo of an ultrasound, “Say hello to Lyla. 3 months to go!”

Varunie gave birth to their daughter, Lyla Aranya Wilson on October 9, 2018. Her middle name, ‘Aranya’ has been inspired by Varunie’s father’s Thai heritage.

Wilson has a daughter with Varunie.

Wilson has a daughter with Varunie.

Owen wasn’t there at the time of his daughter’s birth. The mother of the little girl also told that the actor has never met their child to date. She told,

“Owen has never met Lyla. Never. He helps financially but it’s never been about that.”

Varunie Vongsvirates has full custody of Her daughter

An insider further told Us Weekly that the actor doesn’t want any custody of their daughter,

“He even checked the no visitation box in court in June … He does not want to visit [and does not] want any custody of her.”

The court documents obtained by Rader Online show that Wilson supports his daughter financially. He pays $25,000 monthly as child support. He also gave $70,000 in order to cover the costs of a labor coach, a night nurse as well as legal fees for Vongsvirates.


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Furthermore, the actor was in a relationship with Kate Hudson in the past.

We mentioned earlier although Wilson has been in a number of romantic relationships, the actor is yet to be ready to get involved in a marital relationship, neither shows any plans about his wife.