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Kamal Givens

Who Is Rapper Kamal Givens wife? Insight Into His Love Life

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Kamal Givens, better known as Chance, is an American rapper and reality TV star. He was born on March 28, 1981. Givens rose to fame by starring in the famous reality TV show on VH1’s I Love New York. It was a dating show. Givens, along with 20 other contenders (which also included his brother Ahmad), had to win the affection of one and only Tiffany ”New York” Pollard. Being a professional bachelor, speculations about Kamal Givens’ wife, relationships, and marriage are always on the air.

Kamal is a real charmer with ladies. He finished runner-up on the VH1’s I Love New York. He fell short by inches to grab the chance at love. Givens also appeared in shows like I love money and Real Chance of Love. A heartthrob of his time, Kamal still has a wide range of fans across the globe, especially the ladies. His fan mails and the comments section on his social media are full of women crying for his attention.

Despite the attention and fame, he is a very elusive character. Givens tries to be as far away from media scrutiny as possible. As a result, it’s very hard to come across information about his spouse, marriage, and love life.

Who Is Kamal Givens’ Wife?

It looks like Kama Givens’ is not married, thus he does not have any wife. Rather, he is in a relationship with a woman, Michelle. We know little about Michelle. As her identity is private. And he does not even use any social media. But we have some information for you.

Kamal Givens and his girlfriend Michelle.
Kamal Givens and his girlfriend Michelle.

The couple started dating in 2009. So you can already surmise that they have been in a relationship for a long time. And we can also make a safe guess from all the information available that they both are happy with each other.

He has never been the one to disclose the details about his relationship. We do not know for sure how they met each other. No way to know how they fell in love, either. But they seem to be content with the love they have for each other. We wish them well.

Does Kamal Givens have a kid?

Yes, Kamal is a father of a child. He has a daughter named Demi. Details about the mother of the child are unavailable.

Kamal Givens Dating History

Kamal took part in reality TV shows to find one true love. He tried to find it in many women he dated. As they say, love rests on conquest. And Givens always had the game. The charisma oozed from every ounce of his being. He has tons of appreciators and girls swoon over him.

He dated a 22-year model Yasmine Lopez. As with most of his relationships, we know nothing about the details of their relationship.

Yasmine Lopez, Kamal’s past girlfriend.

There is no trace of Kamal or their relationship in Yasmine’s social media accounts.

Kamal Givens Regretted Not Picking Tiffany Pollard As Girlfriend

In the year 2007, Kamal hooked up with Tiffany Pollard on a reality TV show. She was the girl he could not get before, as he came runner up in her show. They eliminated him. But Tiffany had her eyes on him. She later commented, regretting that she did not pick Kamal when she had the chance.

Kamal Givens kissing Tiffany Pollard.

But thankfully they hooked up. The relationship did not last long. They broke up in the same year of 2007.

Kamal made out with Tiffany Pollard on his show.

Whew! Talk about making a scandal and kissing the ex-girlfriend and kissing her on television.

It seems chance really took his chance. The couple was seen sucking each other’s face off in his reality TV show. It might be just another stunt to increase their PR, or it might be old flames rekindling again. We will leave the speculations up to you.

It must have brought some cracks and faults in his relationship with Michelle.

Kamal Brief Romantic Relationship With Chandra

Celebrities definitely seem to move on fast. But Kamal moved on really fast after his relationship with Tiffany Pollard. He hooked up with Chandra Davis in the same year 2007.

Chandra Davis, Kamal’s past love.

Chandra worked as an actress. She also sings and is famous for her work in the movie Pawn Shop (2012).

Their relationship lasted a very brief amount of time. It was like an explosion; it went kaboom and nothing remained. They separated in the same year, in 2007.

Death of Kamal’s brother, Ahmad.

Kamal’s brother Ahmad died of colon cancer on February 21, 2015, aged 35. He was distraught by the news.

Kamal’s brother, Ahmad Givens.

Ahmad had starred alongside him in their first TV show, VH1’s I Love New York. They were always together and really close. May he rest in Peace.

What is Kamal Givens up to these days? What happened to Chance from I Love New York?

Kamal is starting his own reality TV show.

Yes, you heard it right. Chance is starting his own reality TV dating show named “One Mo’ Chance at love”.

He himself is casting the girls for the show. If you are interested, you can either mail him or contact him on this Instagram account.

Monkeys attacked Givens in Thailand

It seems Kamal really angered the monkey gods of Thailand. Hordes of monkeys attacked him while he was shooting the documentary in Thailand. The monkeys ganged up and attacked him. The injuries he sustained were minor. He got six stitches in his hand and many rolls of bandages to cover the gashing wounds.

He has well recovered now.