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Who Is Richard Pryor’s Ex-Wife Flynn Belaine? Her Bio, Children, Death, & More

Flynn Belaine is an American actress and writer, who gained popularity after portraying the character of Janet in the 2001 movie, The Education of a Vampire. Moreover, she is known as the former wife of author and comedian, Richard Pryor.

Interestingly, Flynn and Richard had been married twice together but both times, their relationship failed. So, what was the exact reason for their divorce? Did she remarry anyone after her divorce from ex-husband Richard? Where is Flynn Belaine now?

In this article, we will try to explore some unheard truths about Flynn Belaine and her relationship with her ex-spouse, Pryor. Further, we will also find out about her birth detail, age, career, net worth, & much more.

Flynn Belaine’s Bio, Age, Early Life

Well, the exact year of Flynn’s birth is not yet revealed, she was born in the late 1940s in the USA. As for her age, she is in her 80s as of 2022. Belaine holds American nationality.

Born in an American family, Flynn shared a great relationship with both her father and mother but unfortunately, she has kept all the details about them away from the media.

Flynn Belaine age, she is in her 80s
Flynn Belaine during her early age

On other hand, Flynn’s ex-spouse was born on 1st December 1940 in Peoria, US. He was the son of Gertrude L. Thomas and LeRoy Pryor. Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to African-American ethnic background.

How Did Flynn Belaine Meet Her Ex-Husband Richard Pryor?

The former duo met each other in 1984. At that time, Richard Pryor was performing a show at a Washington DC concert. They reportedly happened to come across soon after the concert, & Richard who was already a famous personality at that time was all praises for her as soon as he saw her.

In no time they started dating, and their relationship took a new turn after Flynn became pregnant. In an interview with reporter Barbara Walters, Richard said that he was already a father of 4 children and didn’t want to be a father again. Richard even told Flynn to have an abortion which she denied.

Flynn rather maintained silence about her pregnancy despite the fact that the father of her child was a famous individual. This attitude of Flynn was liked by Richard and even admired the fact during one of his interviews. Talking about the same, he said,

Over the two years, she never went to press with the story like most of the people in life have done.

Flynn Belaine and Richard Pryor’s Marital Relationship and Divorce

Flynn Belaine and his ex-husband Richard exchanged their vow in the months of October in 1986. At first, their marital relationship was going well. The former pair also share two kids together, Steven and Kelsey. Steven was born on 14th November 1984 and their only daughter, Kelsey was born on 25th October 1987.

Richard Pryor with her fifth wife Flynn; They married twice
Richard Pryor and his then-wife Flynn Belaine

Unfortunately, just 7 months after their marriage, the relationship came to an end after the comedian filed a divorce case in court. In 1987, the court granted Richard’s divorce proposal and the pair were separated.

Flynn Belaine Reunited With Richard Pryor After His Heart Attack

The problems of drugs and women had almost led to the death of Richard Pryor. Many people concluded that he was on the road to self destruct himself rather than writing a comic. Thus, Richard had a mild heart attack when he was 36. Not only this but he was also diagnosed with various sclerosis.

Years later in 1990, Richard had a second heart attack while he was on vacation in Australia. Owing to this, Flynn visited him and supported Richard in his bad times.

Flynn Flynn Belaine and her husband Richard share two kid together
Flynn Belaine and her son, Steven whom she shares with Richard Pryor

The same year Richard had a third heart attack, on April 1, 1990. As of result of Richard’s constantly deteriorating health, Flynn decided to remarry Richard in 1990, three years of their divorce. However, a year later in 1991, the couple again separated on good terms and have been since divorced.

Flynn’s Ex-Spouse, Richard’s Attempt of Suicide

Richard was totally into drugs and there wasn’t any sign of recovery while Richard was in his 40s.  On 9th June 1980, he poured 151-proof rum all over his body and lit himself into the fire. The LA police reported that more than half of Richard’s body is burnt. Richard Pryor spent around one and half months in Sherman Oaks Hospital. Richard’s then-girlfriend Jennifer Lee recalled the incident by:

After two weeks of watching him getting addicted to this stuff, I moved out. It was clear the drug had moved in and it had become his lover and everything. I did not exist.

She criticized Pryor and further added:

“I’m sick of hearing this shit about me not talking … not true … I have good days, bad days … but I still am a talkin’ motherfucker!”

Flynn Belaine’s First Marriage Lasted Just For A Week

Flynn Belaine joined the army at the age of 18. While serving in the army, she met a man in the mess hall. They both fell in love and soon later, the duo married. However, the marriage didn’t last even a week.

The reason for their separation was the fact that Flynn found out that the man had been lying about not having children. Soon, Flynn left the army and moved to California for pursuing a career in acting.

Richard Pryor’s Ex-Wife, Flynn Belaine’s Professional Career

Flynn Belaine made her screen appearance in the 1986s TV series, The Barbara Walters Summer Special. In 1996, she portrayed the character of Donna in the movie, The Three Muscatels. The movie is based on the book, The Three Muscatels which was written by Flynn herself. Furthermore, she was also the producer of the movie.

With her rising popularity in the acting as well as writing field, she was also offered a role in the 2001 movie The Education of a Vampire, where she portrayed the character of Janet. As per IMDb, her last screen appearance was in 2005, in the TV special documentary, Richard Pryor: The Funniest Man Dead or Alive.

Richard Pryor Is The Father of Seven Children

Flynn’s ex-partner and American stand-up comedian Pryor had seven children with six different women. His first child is Renee Pryor, from his then-girlfriend, Susan, and was born when he was 16 years old. Pryor’s second child, Richard Pryor Jr. was born from his relationship with Richard’s first spouse, Patricia Price.

Richard Pryor's daughter
Richard Pryor’s most famous daughter, Rain Pryor

Richard’s third son, Elizabeth Anne, was born with Pryor’s then-girlfriend, Maxine Anderson. With his second wife, Shelley Bonus the popular singer Rain Pryor was born. Likewise, he also shares a son with Geraldine Mason named, Franklin. Similarly, with his ex-wife Flynn, he shares a son and a daughter as we have stated earlier.

Death Of Flynn Belaine’s Former spouse, Richard Pryor

On December 10, 2005, just nine days after Richard’s 65th birthday, he had a third heart attack while in LA. He was taken to a local hospital but, unfortunately, this time Pryor didn’t survive. His then-wife Jennifer said:

“At the end, there was a smile on his face.”

Forensic expert, Michael Hunter reported him dead at 7:58 a.m. PST. Richard’s heart attack was caused by his artery failure which was caused by years of drinking alcohol and consumption of the drug.

Flynn Baleine’s Net Worth

The actress has an estimated net worth of $600k. Flynn has earned a fortune from her acting career. On other hand, talking about her ex-spouse, Richard, at the time of his demise he had an estimated net worth of around $4o million.