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Samantha Hemsworth husband Luke Hemsworth

Who Is Samantha Hemsworth? Her Marriage With Luke Hemsworth & More

Samantha Hemsworth is the celebrity wife of the eldest Hemsworth brother, Luke Hemsworth. She is also the sister-in-law of other famous Hemsworths—Liam and Chris Hemsworth. The Hemsworth’s brothers are famous Hollywood actors.

Samantha had kept a pretty low tab on her life. But she came into the limelight after throwing a huge birthday party in 2016. Additionally, she has made to numerous red carpets side-by-side with her husband Luke.

With four children and an A-list Hollywood husband, Samantha lives a pretty exotic life. Yet she stays away from the media from time to time. In this article, we will reveal all the truth about the life of Samantha Hemsworth.

Samantha Hemsworth Bio

She was born on August 14, 1980. In fact, she shares her birth year with her husband, Luke Hemsworth. But Samantha is 3 months older than her husband Luke.

As we know, Samantha comes of Australian descent. She lived her whole life in Australia and traveled to Los Angeles only to support her husband. Instead, Samantha prefers living in Australia instead of anywhere else in the world.

Luke Hemsworth (R) and Samantha Hemsworth attend the premiere of HBO's "Westworld"
Luke and Samantha Hemsworth attend the premiere of HBO Westworld

However, Samantha is very much secretive about her life. Even paparazzi have a hard time finding her because of her reserved lifestyle. Presently, she has not revealed the identity of her parents or siblings.

Height, Body Measurements, Hobby

What we do know is that Samantha has a gorgeous body and a height of 5 feet and 6 inches. She has long beautiful blonde hair with sparkling grey eyes. She wears a small dress size, given her slender body type.

In her free time, Samantha likes to read interesting books and magazines from time to time. Balancing four kids, Hemsworth loves cooking and baking with her children.

Samantha Hemsworth’s Relationship with Husband Luke Hemsworth

Luke and her spouse Samantha have been together for a very long time. But the eldest Hemsworth couple has not revealed the details of their initial meeting. However, we do know that they tied the knot in December 2007. They got married before Luke became a sensational Hollywood star.

In 2016, Luke threw Samantha a huge party for her 36th birthday. The couple had a Golden Theme going for Samantha and she looked absolutely gorgeous. The party was covered by huge media such as E!, People, and ET. 

Samantha Hemsworth posing with husband Luke Hemsworth at her birthday party
Samantha posing with her husband Luke Hemsworth at her birthday party.

The two had a great time following all the paparazzi and fun the party received. The event was attended by Miley, Liam, Chris, and Wayne Coyne.

According to her birth date, Samantha’s zodiac sign is Leo whereas Luke’s birth sign is Scorpio. Despite having different star alignments, Luke and Samantha have been the perfect match for each other. They have worked out pretty well considering the high divorce rate among Hollywood couples.

Samantha Has Four Children With Luke

Samantha and her husband Luke have been blessed with four children. Luke, who is from a big family, loves having a big family himself. They have three beautiful daughters and one lovely son.

Their first child is Holly Hemsworth. The two welcomed her after two years of getting married. Holly was born on 12 August 2008.

After Holly, the Hemsworths welcomed Ella Hemsworth in 2010. She is a beautiful child who turned 12 in 2022.

Luke and Samantha Hemsworth with their four children.

Luke and Samantha have a two-year age gap for each of their children. Hence, they had their third daughter Harper Rose Hemsworth in 2012.

Finally, the couple had their last child a baby boy Alexandre Hemsworth in 2013. Alex is the only son of Luke and Samantha. The cute child turned 9 as of 2022.

After having four children, the Hemsworths are not so keen on having a fifth one. They are enjoying their lives juggling four chaotic but amazing children.

What Are Samantha and Luke Hemsworth Doing At Present?

Currently, Luke is busy working in top-notch roles in Hollywood. In 2022, he secured a role in his brother Chris’s movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. In the movie, he has a small role wherein he portrays his brother Thor in a play.

According to Samantha, she is diving into motherhood and taking care of her children. The two have not mentioned any future plans about having more kids. But they both consider their children to be their lifeline.

In a recent interview with the Daily Mail, Luke mentioned that his family is leaving the United States for good. Previously, they used to live their lavish life in Malibu Mansion, LA but Luke and his brother Chris have decided to stay permanently in Byron Bay, Australia.

Luke said:

“It’s a better quality of life, for sure. The kids are playing barefoot on the beach and Mum and Dad are right next door. Chris is 5 minutes away from here. It feels like home.”

More on his move to Australia, Luke mentioned that the kids would be a lot safer here than in an American High School. With the school shootings and disruptions, Luke is happy to have his kids someplace safe. And where is safer than his hometown itself?

Obviously, it sounds like Luke is looking forward to having a suburban life in Australia. Having brother Chris Hemsworth and his parents right next door has given Luke homely feelings.

As for Samantha, her lavish life continues in Byron Bay where she spends quality time with her kids.

Samantha Hemsworth Is Active On Social Sites

Despite hiding from the media, Samantha is pretty active on her Instagram page. She has total followers of 16.6k under the username @thesamanthahemsworth. She is quite the influencer on her page where she posts about her daily life.

Likewise, she uses her platform to speak against global warming. Quite recently, Samantha openly protested Trump’s Paris Climate agreement and posted a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio appreciating his work against climate change.

Except for Instagram, Samantha is unofficially on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @SamLHemsworth. But, she has made it a private account and has only 5 followers. Because of irregular use, she has only 11 tweets on her account.

For now, Samantha is available on these two social sites only. She is not on popular social media such as Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube.