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Who Is Stella Street Guggenheim? Facts About Elisabeth Shue’s Daughter

Stella Street Guggenheim is a painter and gymnastics enthusiast. She is better known as the daughter of Elisabeth Shue and Davis Guggenheim. While her father is a successful American writer and director, her mother is a successful actress, who was also nominated for the Academy Award for the romantic drama Leaving Las Vegas.

Unlike her parents, Stella is not in entertainment but is rather a painter and also practices gymnastics. But as a star kid, Stella is already very famous, with many curious about her personal and professional life. Well, what about her love life? Is Elisabeth Shue’s daughter dating a boyfriend in 2022?

In this article, we are going to reveal some interesting detail about her college, relationship, net worth, & much more.

Stella Street Guggenheim Is The Daughter of Elisabeth Shue

As we said earlier, Stella is the daughter of Hollow Man actress Elisabeth Shue and director-father Davis Guggenheim. She was born on March 19, 2001, in Los Angeles, California. At the time of her birth, she weighed 6 lbs. 7 oz. As for her age, she is 21 years old as of 2022.

Like any kid, Stella shares a great relationship with both of her parents and they are often seen together. Talking about her ethnic background, she belongs to a mixed ethnic background since her father is Caucasian whereas her mother is of German and of English descent.

Stella Street College

Stella has a good academic background. She did her schooling at Wildwood School. Later, she attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studied arts.

Siblings: Stella’s Brother Died Tragically

Well, Stella has two siblings, an older brother named Miles William Guggenheim and a sister Agnes Charles Guggenheim. She also had another brother William Shue, who died on 24 August 1988 because of a freak swing accident.

Stella Street Guggenheim With Her Parents & Siblings
Stella Street Guggenheim With Her Parents & Siblings

Following William’s tragic demise, Stella’s mother even named her second child Miles after her late son in his honor. Well, Miles, is a graduate of Brown University and often writes articles for The College Hill Independent.

Talking of her younger sister Agnes Charles, she was born on June 18, 2006. She is very close to her sister and back in April 2018, she even shared a photo of her sister which she draw by herself.


Stella Street Guggenheim Professional Career: Is An Artist And Gymnastic Enthusiast

In case you didn’t know, Stella Street is a painter by profession. In fact, she often shares her artistic works via her Instagram. Back in May 2019, she even shared a photo of her four oil paintings at the Santa Monica Art Studio.

Apart from her interest in Arts, she was also into gymnastics in the past. Just for a fact, her mom Elisabeth was also a gymnast before getting into the entertainment industry. While at the Columbia High School in Maplewood, Elisabeth used to regularly practice and reportedly trained at the All Olympic Gymnastic Center.

Stella’s Parents Are Together For Years: Their Marriage Details

Well, Stella Street Guggenheim’s parents are one of the most compatible Hollywood couples. Davis and Elisabeth are together for years and are still strongly bonded.

They reportedly married in August 1994, in an intimate ceremony. It has now been over 26 years and they still share the same love they shared back when they first married. The now-husband and wife first met back at the bowling, which was back when they were not big stars.

Stella Street Guggenheim Parents Elisabeth and dad Davis at the Terminator 2 Premiere, in July 1991
Stella Street Guggenheim Parents Elisabeth and dad Davis at the Terminator 2 Premiere, in July 1991

Right at the first meeting, they clicked and soon began dating. They dated for years before they walked down the aisle.

Both Of Stella’s Father And Mother Are Successful In The Film Industry

As we said earlier, Stella’s parents are both successful individuals. Talking of her father, Davis Guggenheim is a successful writer, director, and producer. He has been a part of some successful movies, TV shows, and documentaries as well. Some of his successful works include The Shield, NYPD Blue, ER, 24, Alias, The Road We’ve Traveled, and He Named Me Malala, among others.

Moving on to her mother, Elisabeth Shue is also a prominent actress. She made her acting debut in 1982, in a TV series named The Royal Romance of Charles and Diana.

She has since appeared in numerous movies and TV series. Some of her successful works include  The Karate Kid (1984),  Cocktail (1988), Adventures in Babysitting (1987), Back to the Future Part II (1989), Soapdish (1991), and Back to the Future Part III (1990), among others.

Does Stella Street Guggenheim Have a Boyfriend?

For any star kid and a beautiful lady like Stella, having a boyfriend is pretty obvious. But it looks like the case does not apply to her. So far, there have been no reports of Stella Street Guggenheim having a boyfriend. For the most part of her life, Elisabeth Shue’s daughter Stella has kept her love life completely away from the spotlight.

To conclude, it is safe to say, the star kid is not dating anyone at present but is more focused on her artistic works. We hope we will get to see her with a man of her choice someday in the future.

How Much Is Her Net Worth?

Stella Street, as an artist, definitely makes a decent sum of money. But when it comes to her net worth, she has not revealed the exact sum. On the other hand, her mother Elisabeth has a net worth of $20 million as of 2022. Likewise, her father also has a total of $20 million in fortune.

Where Does Stella Street Guggenheim Reside?

At present, Guggenheim along with her parents resides in their Los Angeles home, which Elisabeth bought back in 2008 for $1.65 million. The house spreads in 832 square feet.

Further, Stella’s mother also owned a house in the Sunset Strip area, which she sold for $1.3 million in 2004. The house that spread in 2000 square feet featured three bedrooms, hardwood floors, and a detached office.

She Is Active On Instagram

Like most other celebrities, Stella is also active on Instagram, where she has around 1.2k followers. She often showcases her artistic works through the Ig posts.