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Who is Tanisha Foster? Untold Facts About Late Rapper Nipsey Hussle Ex-Girlfriend!

Tanisha Foster is mainly known for being the ex-girlfriend of the late popular rapper who used to go by the stage name Nipsey Hussle. His real name is Airmiess Joseph Asghedom. He is most known for his multiple mixtapes including Crenshaw, The Marathon, and The Marathon Continues.

Tanisha has had a very tragic life as her role as a mother was stripped away because of multiple problems like substance abuse. Similarly, she has been arrested many times and her in-laws think she isn’t fit to be a mother.

Here in this article, we will dive deep into the life of Tanisha Foster. What is she doing now? Why was she arrested? and how was her ex-boyfriend killed? To know all the answers sit tight with us until the very end.

How Was Tanisha Foster Early Life? Information Regarding Her Age & Parents

She was born in 1986 in Los Angeles to Brian Foster and Norman Johnson. She is also known as Chyna Hussle.

Similarly, according to some online sources, Foster has a step-sister named Ebony, although many people disagree with the rumors.

Likewise, for her education, Tanisha allegedly enrolled at Westchester High School which is located in Los Angeles. On the other hand, her late ex-partner Nipsey went to Alexander Hamilton High School located in Los Angeles.

Her Ethnicity

Talking about her ethnicity, Tanisha is Afro-American. Foster is a Christian by religion and is devoted to her religion.

On the other hand, her late bf was of mixed descent as his father was Eritrean and his mother was African-American.

What Is Her Height?

Tanisha stands tall at 5ft 5inches which is pretty average for a woman’s height in the US. Further, she has dark brown eyes and shiny brown hair.

What Does Tanisha Foster Do For a Living?

Tanisha is a social media personality by profession. She has 130,000 followers on her Instagram. Although she is a social media personality, Foster isn’t very active in it. As of now, Tanisha has 32 posts in total on her Instagram.

Tanisha Foster Instagram photo
The social media star also owns a business

Besides being a social media star, Tanisha also seems to be a businesswoman. In her Instagram profile, she has written that she has her own local business.

On the other hand, her ex-boyfriend was a famous artist who had received many honors and awards for his talent. His debut studio album Victory Lap was a great hit and was nominated for Best Rap Album during the 61 Grammy Awards in 2019. Likewise, after his death, the rapper was awarded two Grammy Awards for the song Racks in the Middle and Higher.

How Did Tanisha Foster and Nipsey Hussle Meet? Details On Their Relationship

According to some online sources, the couple met each other when they were 16 years old in July 2003. They had a very healthy relationship and even shared a daughter named Emani Asghedom born on November 9, 2008, who is currently 14 years old. However, their relationship couldn’t last long and the ex-couple decided to walk their separate ways in 2011.

Nipsey Hussle with his former partner and his daughter
Tanisha with her previous boyfriend and her daughter

Despite being separated, Tanisha and the late rapper respected each other and she was by his side at the time of his death.

Similarly, in an interview, while talking about Nipsey she said,

“My child’s father didn’t disrespect me. I talked to him 30 minutes before he died. How about those apples? Do y’all know that? I don’t feed into negativity, baby. I pay ’em no mind. I don’t give a damn about these people. They give a damn about me, though. So all the haters can eat my sh-t, but the people who love me, I love y’all,”

Tanisha Foster Was Arrested Multiple Times

A few years ago, Tanisha was picked up for DUI in Los Angeles and was sentenced to three years probation. Foster missed her court date and her probation was revoked but a warrant was issued.

It isn’t the first time she got arrested, in 2007, the rapper’s ex-lover was arrested for vandalism, annoying phone calls, and disturbing the peace.

Similarly, in 2006, Tanisha was arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Tanisha Foster Doesn’t Have Custody of Her Daughter

Nipsey’s sister Samantha asked for the custody of Tanisha’s daughter claiming Foster isn’t fit to be a mother. As of now, Emani is staying with her grandparents and her aunt. According to them, Tanisha has a substance abuse issue and Samantha can provide a better living environment for Tanisha’s daughter.

Likewise, Nipsey’s ex-girlfriend also agreed to the guardianship of her child to Nipsey’s family stating that she has some financial issues. Similarly, the documents also state that each member would act in her daughter’s best interest.

Tanisha Foster and her daughter enjoying their time together
Tanisha with her daughter

However, she now wishes to revoke the guardianship claiming that the late rapper’s family isn’t letting the mother and daughter see each other. According to her, they are using their financial power to control Emani’s desires and financial support and also limiting Tanisha’s visitation rights.

She is currently battling the case in the Los Angeles County Court where her court filing states,

I have continued to be an active part of Emani’s life. She spends the night with me often, I take her to school, and I continue to do the things a parent would do with their child. I am very unhappy that the guardians will not take my calls. They have blocked me on their cell phones. I have to go through a third party or Emani to communicate with the guardians.”

We don’t know whether this accusation is true, but we hope Tanisha and Nipsey’s family will come to a better term in which both parties will remain happy.

Tanisha Foster Ex Boyfriend Nipsey Hussle Death

Nipsey was outside his clothing store, taking pictures with his fans when he was shot to death. The shooter reportedly shot 10 times. A day before he died, Nipsey had scheduled to meet with Los Angeles cops in a bid to stop gun violence.

Nipsey was shot in the head, chest, back, abdomen, both of his thighs, big toe, and right elbow. However, according to doctors, Nipsey might have survived if he hadn’t been shot in the head and torso.

The multi-talented rapper passed away at the age of 33 on March 31, 2019. Similarly, his blood reports showed that the late rapper had been in the consumption of marijuana, codeine, and promethazine at the time of his death.

Tanisha Foster late ex-boyfriend Nipsey Hussle at an award ceremony
Late rapper Nipsey Hussle

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested a guy named Eric Holder two days after the shooting on April 2, 2019. According to the investigation, Holder was believed to have shot the rapper for personal reasons.

Likewise, after multiple postponements, he was accounted to be guilty and charged with first-degree murder and two counts of attempted murder on July 6, 2022.

Is Tanisha Foster In a Relationship?

As of now, Tanisha hasn’t shared much about her relationship with the public or the media although there have been rumors saying she is seeing someone. However, she hasn’t come upfront to talk about these rumors and neither has revealed who the certain someone might be. Whatever the matter, we hope that we will get to know if she is dating anyone sooner rather than later.

On the other hand, her late former boyfriend Nipsey was in a long-term relationship with the actress Lauren London till his death in March 2019. The pair even shared a son named Kross Ermias born in August 2016.

Tanisha Foster’s Net worth

There isn’t any information regarding her net worth. However, multiple tabloids have estimated her worth to be around $100,000.

On the other hand, Nipsey was very flashy about his wealth. At the time of his death, the late rapper was worth around $8 million.