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Who Is Tharita Cesaroni: The Italian Wife Of Actor Dermot Mulroney?

Tharita Cesaroni is the wife of popular American actor Dermot Mulroney. Her spouse Mulroney is most famous for his role in movies including Young Guns and My Best Friend’s Wedding. He is also popular for his appearances in shows like Friends and Shameless. 

Besides being famous as the wife of a popular actor, Tharita is also noted for her musical works. She is a singer who has released many songs and albums; most of which have gone on to receive positive reviews.

In this article, we will discuss more Tharita including queries like where was she born, how many children she has, and others. The details will also cover a bit about her husband’s previous marriages.

Tharita Cesaroni Is Italian By Birth

She came to this world in 1973 and was raised in Milan, Italy. Her maiden name is Tharita Cutulle. She is the daughter of Emy Cesaroni and Franco Catullè. Being born in Italy she must be quite fluent in speaking Italian which most people find very attractive.

Italian filmmaker and Dermot's wife, Tharita Cesaroni
The Shameless actor Dermot’s wife, Tharita.

Like Tharita, her parents were also born and raised in Italy. Her father came from a town called Catanzaro in Calabria whereas her mother was from Terni, Umbria. She also has her family root in Roccascalegna, Province of Chieti, Abruzzo.

Tharita Cesaroni Ancestry and Nationality

Talking about her ethnicity, she is Italian, and as for her nationality, she has dual citizenship, the US and Italian. Unlike Tharita, her husband Dermot Mulroney is of Irish and German descent whereas his nationality is American.

On her mother’s side, Cesaroni had great grandparents who went by the name Edmondo and Emilia. She has a brother-in-law named Kieran Mulroney and like her husband, he is also an actor.

What Does Tharita Cesaroni Do For a Living?

Cesaroni is a singer by profession and has been singing since she was a little child. Tharita is mostly known for being an artist under the stage name Prima Apollinaare.

Italian born Tharita Cesaroni and her husband Dermot Mulroney
Tharita with her actor spouse Dermot

She released her first song called Mamma Scusa back in December 2017. In an interview, Tharita revealed the message behind her song and said,

“MAMMA SCUSA means I am sorry mom and it’s literally an apology for not having listened to my mother’s advice, mother turns out knows best!”

After her first song, Cesaroni released her debut album on 25th January 2018. She named her album Stand Up For Love. Her fans were very excited to hear the release of her first album. Her album had many songs but the songs that were most liked by her fans are Listen Up, King Love, In My Head, and a song named after her album title, Stand Up For Love.

Aside from music, Tharita also has some credits in the movies; especially in Italian. In fact, she has also acted, produced, and cinematographed a handful of films.

Some films where she has performed are Mozart In The Jungle, Carnival Row, and The Warrant: Breaker’s Law.

Tharita Also Has a YouTube Channel

Tharita has a YouTube channel, Shesingshesung where she posts songs written by her and sometimes featured by others. The name might look difficult but it is just She Sing She Sung combined which apparently is often confusing to some readers.

On her YouTube, she has a total of 563 subscribers which is not much but they are her true fans. She has gained a total view of more than 1.8 million. Some of her most popular videos on YouTube are Dream, Smoke, and With The Hand In My Heart.

Her most recent song is called With The Hand In My Heart part 2 released on 11th January 2022 which so far has gained more than 400,000.

Tharita Cesaroni Marriage With Dermot Mulroney; The Couple Has Two Kids

The couple walked through the aisle in 2008. Dermot and Tharita are said to have dated for a while before tying the knot. As of 2022, the lovers have been married for more than 14 years. Tharita and Dermot have been seen many times attending events together so we can guess their marriage is still very strong.

Tharita and Dermot Mulroney with their daughters
Tharita with her husband and daughters

After their marriage, Tharita became a mom for the first time while Dermot became a dad for the second time when Mabel Ray was born. Mabel came into this world in April 2008. Cesaroni and her husband shared the news of their daughter a month after she was born.

The partners gave birth to their second child in 2009. Tharita and Dermot chose the name Sally June Mulroney for their second daughter.

Tharita Cesaroni Didn’t Take Her Husband’s Name; Instead Tried To Change Hers Into Something Else

The Italian wife of Mulroney didn’t change her surname after she had married the actor. However, in 2015, the Italian film producer reportedly changed her name to Prima Apollinaare.

It is still unclear why Dermot’s wife went with that name but it is presumed it was her way of giving a nod to French playwright and poet, Guillaume Apollinaare or possibly the film Purple Rain’s character, Apollonia.

Tharita’s Husband’s Previous Marriage

In 1990, Dermot was married to an actress, Catherine Keener. Like Mulroney, Catherine is also an actor and has been nominated for 2 Oscars.

Some of Catherine’s most popular movies are The Adam Project (2022), Get Out (2017), The Croods (2013), The Incredibles 2 (2018), and Trust (2010).

Tharita Cesaroni's husband Dermot Mulroney
Tharita’s long-time partner, Dermot

The former flames met each other for the first time while filming Survival Quest in 1986. As per some sources, the couple started dating soon after their movie was released.

Together the ex-couple had a child named Clyde Keener Mulroney on 21st June 1999. As of now, their little child has grown up to become a man and is currently pursuing a career in singing.

After being married for almost 15 years Dermot and Catherine decided to part ways in May 2005. Dermot was the one who filed for divorce on 11 June 2007. Their divorce was finalized at the end of that year.

Tharita Cesaroni Net worth

As of 2022, Tharita has an estimated net worth of around $2 million and she reportedly earns around $400,000 a year from her career.

On the other hand, her husband, Dermot has an estimated wealth of around $11 million which he earned from his acting career in the entertainment industry.