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Tiffany Ortiz

Who Is Tiffany Ortiz? Inside the lives of Famous Philanthropist

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Tiffany Ortiz is a name synonymous with the baseball legend nicknamed “Big Papi”. She rose to fame after she started dating David Ortiz of the Red Sox. Despite being famous as a celebrity wife, she has made a name for herself in life as well. As a matter of fact, her work in philanthropy and humanitarian causes is inspiring, to say the least.

As is often the case with married couples, Tiffany’s life was full of hurdles and delights alike. Even so, after navigating the trials thrown by life, she has only grown stronger. Unfortunately, their relationship came to an abrupt end after more than two decades. Still, there are many things we can learn from this wonderful ex-couple. And we hope you are ready for this touching journey.

In this article, we will explore the lives of the inspiring life of Tiffany Ortiz and what she had to go through in her life.

How old is Tiffany Ortiz? What Is her nationality?

Tiffany Ortiz, born Tiffany Brick, was born in Kaukauna, Wisconsin, United States of America. So, it goes without saying that she is an American national.

She was born on May 13, 1974. So, her age is 48 as of now. Despite spending most of her life in Boston, she was born and raised on Wisconsin soil. The name of her mother is Lorraine.

Her Parents passed away in 2013 & 2014

Tiffany’s father, Terrence Brick (nicknamed Terry), died in 2013. He was a very athletic person and was a great fan of the Green Bay Packers and Boston Red Sox. She also grew up to love the Green Bay Packers owing to her father’s love for the team.

Her mother Lorraine Brick also passed away in 2014, shortly after her brother Kevin’s wife died in a car accident.

Tiffany Ortiz and her relationships and Wedding. Who is she married to?

The former Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and Tiffany first met each other in 1996 in Wisconsin. She successfully converted the Red Sox giant David Ortiz into a fan of the Green Bay Packers.

After a few years of dating, the couple tied the knot in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, they did not disclose any details regarding their wedding ceremony. However, if the sources are to be believed, it was a beautiful ceremony with close acquaintances and relatives present.

Tiffany Ortiz with her husband David Ortiz.
Tiffany with her husband David Ortiz.

Tiffany has two children with David Ortiz

As quoted above, the noted philanthropist and MLB legend David have two children together. Their elder daughter is Alexandra Ortiz and younger son is D’Angelo Ortiz.

The family has a strong familial bonds. Each of them cares about one another abundantly and loves each other very much.

Tiffany Ortiz with her children and husband.
Tiffany Ortiz with her children and husband.

Following the footsteps of his father, Tiffany’s son D’Angelo plays baseball for his school team. Westminster Christian School in Palmetto Bay, Florida is very proud of its young player D’Angelo.

Their daughter Alex is a music major. She surprised her father at Fenway Park by singing National Anthem before the 2016 Red Sox game on April 11, 2016. The game was the last home opener of David Ortiz. You can watch the heartfelt moment in this video.

Later, when asked by media about her Dad’s reaction, Alex said: “He said to me, ”Don’t ever surprise me like that again.” I wanted him to be emotional. Somebody told me that he cried and I was like, ‘Yes!’ I didn’t know if that was a terrible thing.”

It’s surely not a terrible thing. As a matter of fact, it was the sweetest gesture and most considerate. And we are sure David loved it very much.

Tiffany has a stepson and a stepdaughter as well.

David also had a child with his ex-wife, Fary Almanzar Fernandez. His son, from his ex-wife, David Andres, lives in his house in the Dominican Republic with his mother. The name of her stepdaughter is Jessica. She graduated from her high school in the Dominican Republic in 2014.

Tiffany and David announced their separation in 2021

It was one of the news that many of us didn’t want to hear. It was Tiffany who first announced her split from Big Papi. She took to her Instagram account to announce the dreaded information.

In the post, she wrote,

“Over the past 25 years, David and I have shared a beautiful adventure in love and partnership. We have made the decision to go into a new phase of our life journey together, not as a couple, but as friends and co-parents to our amazing children,”

The pair separated after 25 years of being together, however, the sparks of divorce between them flew way before. Yes, you read it right. According to this Boston Globe article, they nearly divorced each other. In fact, the duo even filed for divorce in April 2013. David later revealed that he thought the relationship was not working out. And she had similar thoughts as well. In his interview with Boston Herald, David commented:

There are situations in life that work out for a period of time and at some point, they don’t work out anymore and you have to move on. I’m moving on. She is moving on. Hopefully, everybody respects that.

However, the couple got back together after a while. Every relationship goes through rough patches but what matters is how they deal with it. Tiffany and David talked with each other and worked out their differences.

Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as eventually they got separated.

Tiffany’s ex-husband got shot in the Dominic Republic.

David Ortiz got shot in his native country the Dominican Republic on June 9, 2019. He was at the Dial Bar and Lounge in East Santo Domingo around 8:50PM Atlantic standard time when he got ambushed and shot by a man who came on a motorcycle.

David had deep wounds and underwent six-hour extensive surgery performed by local physicians. Parts of his intestines and colons and gall bladder were removed and some liver wounds were also reported.

On June 10, 2019, they brought him back to the USA to get his treatment at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). He got discharged in July 26, 2019, after about six weeks of stay in MGH.

Tiffany Ortiz runs a foundation with her ex-husband

As stated earlier, the Wisconsin native is an experienced philanthropist and has worked for the Red Sox Foundation. She even worked for UNICEF.

Tiffany Ortiz works on David Ortiz Fund which helps childrens with heart problems.
Her foundation helps children in need.

However, she also works in a foundation established by her now former spouse named The David Ortiz Children’s Fund. After seeing the problems faced by children in his home country, David established the fund where his ex-wife Tiffany works as a co-founder.

Talking about the foundation with Boston Herald Ortiz said: ”We support things like heart surgeries for children. There’s a long list of kids who are really in need of these surgeries and without our help, they don’t have anywhere else to go.”

What is the net worth of Tiffany Ortiz?

She has an estimated net worth of about $3 million. The ex-UNICEF employee is active in many child-related philanthropic causes as well.

Tiffany Ortiz Social Media Appearance

Many celebrities opt to stay away from social media and the public gaze. But she seems to love the attention as she is very active on her social media accounts.

Ortiz has an Instagram account named ”tiffanylortiz”. But unfortunately, she does not seem to be active on Facebook.

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