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Who Is Tom Hollands Mother Nicola Elizabeth Frost? Inside Her Life

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Nicola Elizabeth Frost aka Nikki Holland is a photographer and philanthropist. She mainly specializes in family photography, weddings, and headshots of actors. Apart from that, she is also famous for being the mom of Spider-Man: Homecoming actor Tom Holland.

Her son, Tom, is a British Academy Film Award winner who is most famous for Spiderman sequels: Far From Home and No Way Home. The actor is also in other movies such as The Impossible, How I Live Now, The Devil All The Time, and so forth. In addition to the fame, she has received as Tom’s mom, Nikki herself is well-known for her photography skills. Besides, she is also media figure Dominic Holland’s wife.

In today’s article, we will learn more about Tom Holland’s mother Nikki Holland. We will also cover details on her early life, parents, age, profession, net worth, and many more.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Early Life Details 

Nicola Frost was born on September 3, 1967, in London, England making her 55-yrs-old as of 2022. She is one of three children of her parents Robert Walter Frost and Christina Winifred Berry.

Frost has two siblings Tammy and Eve Frost. Meanwhile, her grandparents are Walter Frost and Fanny E. Brown. Reportedly, all men in her family were into carpentry.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Age
Nicola Elizabeth Frost is originally from Great Britain
Source: Instagram

Born and raised in London, she holds citizenship of Great Britain. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, she is Caucasian. Focusing on her educational journey, she completed a design degree from Leeds University. At the age of 22, Frost graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Arts in 1989.

What is Nicola Elizabeth Frost’s Profession?

Elizabeth pursued her bachelor’s degree in art as she was deeply motivated to turn her passion into a career. She went on to be a photographer in the near future.

As a result, Elizabeth has now over twenty years of experience as a professional photographer. As a photographer, she mainly specializes in family photography, weddings & headshots for actors, social media, and the corporate market. Moreover, The actor’s mom even has an official website that shows demo pictures and prices for different categories of photos.

Likewise, Frost also has an Instagram handle @nikkihollandphotography where she often posts about her work and other captures.

Nikki’s Marital Relationship With Her Husband Dominic Holland

As per the sources, Nicola and Dominic were teenage lovers. Saying so, the two met for the first time while attending Leeds University. At the time, Nikki was pursuing a design degree while her now-husband studied textile management.

As soon as 3 years after falling in love, the couple tied the knot on September 10, 1994. Even after being together for almost 3 decades now, the two often shares each other’s picture on Instagram on various occasions like anniversary and birthdays.

Her husband, Dominic is an author, comedian, and broadcaster. Some of his notable books are Only in America, The Ripple Effect, and Eclipsed. Also, as a comedian, her partner performed standup comedy at Edinburgh Festival in 1991 which went on to win him the Perrier Best Newcomer award at Edinburgh.

Nikki Holland Children

Although Nicola is almost known widely as Tom Holland’s mom, she has three other sons of who she is immensely proud. Her first child is the superstar Tom born on 1 June 1996. He is most known for his roles in Marvel Cinematic Universe films Spiderman and its sequels.

After that, Nicola and her husband welcomed their twins Sam and Harry Holland in February 1999. Their last and youngest son is Paddy Holland born in December 2004.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Kids
Nicola Elizabeth Frost with her sons Tom, Paddy, Sam, and Harry Holland
Source: Instagram

All of her sons, The Holland Brothers, are engaged in the showbiz industry. Nikki and her husband even have opened a charity organization called The Brothers Trust so as to run different events and help those in need. It is basically run by the sons of Nicola and Dominic to raise funds.

Nicola Elizabeth Frost Wanted Her Son Tom Holland To Be a Carpenter

As previously mentioned, Nicola’s men in the family were all carpenters. Furthermore, she even wanted her firstborn to continue the family legacy to be a carpenter.

In an interview with the comic book, Tom revealed that his mom asked him to be a carpenter if his acting career takes a rough path. Nicola even sent Tom to a school to learn and be a carpenter. 

 It took me a long time to grow up, and my mom decided to send me to carpentry school.

Tom turned out to be a good carpenter as he had family blood running in his veins. He even made a kitchen table for Nicola which he says is still intact and in use.

Nicola Was Furious About Her Son Tom’s Role In Cherry

The movie Cherry played by Tom Holland portrays the role of an Army medic who returns home from the Iraq war with undiagnosed PTSD, after which he develops a heroin addiction.

Tom Holland's Mother
Nicola Elizabeth Frost is the mom of Spiderman star Tom Holland
Via Tom’s Instagram

When the footage of the film was sent to Tom’s mother Nicola, where he is seen touching and writhing himself. And as expected, her mother didn’t like the movie. About the same, he said:

“Biggest mistake ever. I was like, ‘This is how my day’s going,’ and she was furious with me.”

He further revealed that his parents were proud of him as an actor. However, thinking of her in the biopic must have made Nicola upset.

Frost Called Out Marvel Executives For Her Son Tom’s Bathroom Break

In the “Live with Kelly and Ryan”, Tom hilariously dropped how his mom Nicola casually called Marvel executives to address an issue regarding him. He remembers:

“I remember calling my mum up on our daily phone calls, and I was like, ‘Mum, I’m really struggling, I’m working every day, and because I wear the suit, I can’t go to the bathroom.”

It was two days later after the call that a Marvel producer came up to Tom and said, “Well, your mum called us and said give my son more toilet breaks!”

Well, that one call from Nicola changed the actor’s daily routine as Tom did get more break times than usual.

How Rich Is Tom Holland’s Mom Nicola Elizabeth Frost?

Nicola being a photographer must have earned a decent amount of money from her career. However, since she has not revealed her income, we can assume that her net worth is around $2 million as of 2022.

On the other hand, her firstborn Tom has a fortune worth $18 million at such a young age. He earned most of his money from appearing in Marvel movies which grossed over $1 billion.

Her recent whereabouts

As of now, Nicola stays at her house in Kingston with her husband and kids. It is located near the river Thames which is reportedly 10miles southwest of Charing Cross. Likewise, her son Tom also resides in the same area.