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Who Is Walker Bryant? Bio, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Walker Bryant is an LA-based American Youtuber/actor best known for his appearance in Station 19, I Wrote This For You, Lauren Park, and a few more. He made his way to the top with his work in short films and his successful career on social like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Born and raised in Ohio, Bryant moved to Los Angeles with his mother in search of better opportunities. Since then, he hasn’t looked back and is doing great in his growing career.

Currently, he has 887k subscribers on his YouTube channel and over 1.1 million followers on his IG handle. Here we will talk about his professional as well as his personal life.

Walker Bryant Was Born And Raised In Columbus, Ohio

The Plastic Man star was born on 26 September 2006, in North Carolina, the United States of America, to his mother Jennifer Bryant. As of now, Bryant is 16 years old.

He grew up alongside his younger sister Alexandra Leona Bryant who is also a social media influencer. She has over 179k followers on Instagram and over 83.6k subscribers on her self title YouTube channel.

As per sources, his father is a lawyer, however, other details related to him are not known.

Walker stands at a height of 5 ft 7 inches or 170 cm. Likewise, he is currently a freshman in high school.

Young Actor Walker Bought A Lamborghini At Just 15

Rising actor cum YouTuber has an estimated net worth of $1 million at the moment. Likewise, he earns thousands of dollars per month from his socials.

As mentioned above, Walker bought a Lamborghini Aventador costing around $517,770 at just 15. Well, owning a sports race worth five hundred grand is not something everyone can do.

As for now, he has over 1.1M followers on Instagram, 30.1k followers on Twitter, over 887k followers on YouTube, and over 1.6M on TikTok.

As per Social Blade, his self-titled YouTube channel earns between $39 – $629 monthly to $472 – $7.6k yearly. In a similar way, Bryant can make around $2,275 to $3,792 per sponsored post from Instagram.

Walker Bryant with his Lamborghini
Walker Bryant purchased his Lamborghini at just 14

Moreover, Bryant also earns between $2,562 to $3,844 per video from TikTok where he currently has over 45M likes. Also, he is sponsored by brands like NOBADAY, Gucci, Essentials, Hills Wear, and several others.

The young actor is often seen wearing designers and doing photoshoots. Besides this, Walker’s socials are a living proof of his luxurious lifestyle. Not to forget, he also owns a thousand-dollar mansion.

Bryant Also Has A Merch Line

Apart from his earnings from acting and socials, Walker also generates a decent amount from his merch line called Walker Bryant. His merch line offers graphic print tees, hoodies, phone cases, caps, and beanies.

Likewise, the price of hoodies ranges from $48.95 to $46.95, the t-shirt price ranges from $29.95 to $26.95, beanie costs around $26.95 to $24.95, phone cases cost around $21.95, whereas caps/hats costs around $27.95 per piece.

As the shop is having sales up to 7-9% off on all items, the prices are a bit low than usual.

What Made Walker Bryant A Famous Social Media Star?

Growing up watching his sister step into the entertainment industry, Bryant eventually decided to follow in her footsteps. After this, Walker’s mother hired an agent and started booking jobs right away.

Eventually, the actor along with his family moved to LA from Ohio to pursue his dreams. Walker made his official big-screen debut at the age of 10 playing in the 2016 short film 8 1/2.

The same year, Walker established his self-titled YouTube channel on 16 November. So far, the channel has 113 videos with over 82 million total views.

Likewise, he began his career on social like Instagram and TikTok in 2018. With his entertaining prank videos on YouTube, and cute pictures on IG, Walker’s fame eventually skyrocketed, especially among teenagers.

He Has Also Appeared In Movies & TV Series

His fame eventually also got him parts in TV series like Station 19 on ABC, Insult Comedy Dog on Funny or Die, Matty Pazz is a Noob, and several others.

Some of his other film credits are Lauren Park, The Plastic Man, Jack, The Mystery Box, Homeschool School, Piper Rockelle: Treat Myself, Lev Cameron, The Body of Levi, and Innocence.

Apart from acting, Walker has starred in several commercial ads as well. Some of the ads and print jobs he did are for Universal Studios Theme Parks, Mighty Beans, Suzuki, Legoland, and ABC Mouse.

As per sources, he once flew to Denmark to shoot a Lego Batman commercial. Similarly, he had to ride on the Jurassic Park ride 13 times in a row for the perfect shot.

Who Is Walker Bryant’s Girlfriend?

Looking through his social media profiles, Bryant seems to be dating fellow influencer-girlfriend Bella Moore. As per Bella’s Instagram handle, the couple began dating on 21st December 2021. She even celebrated her monthiversary with Walker by sharing a cute photo of them on her Instagram with a sweet caption,

“best way to spend 1 month, couldn’t be happier @walkerjbryant”

Moreover, for their first Valentines’ day, the pair went to Super Bowl wearing a matching super bowl t-shirt.

Although Bryant and Bella are dating for a while, they haven’t talked much about their relationship. Anyway, Walker first made his partner public after he shared a post on his Instagram in mid-Dec-2021.

Walker Bryant and Bella Moore
Bryant and Moore began dating in Dec 2021

Since then, the two have appeared on each other’s socials a few times. Walker first posted his alleged girlfriend Moore on his IG on 11th January 2022 with a heart in the caption.

Similarly, Moore first featured Bryant on her socials on 1st January 2022 during her new year post. She had posted a 10-photo-series post with Bryant and other friends.

Walker Previously Dated Ex-Girlfriend Indi Star: Why Did The Former Couple Break Up?

Best known for her roles in Henry Danger, Miscreants, and Dead To Me, Indi Star is a rising singer and social media personality. While she is already known for her self-titled YouTube channel, Star gained extra attention after her relationship with Bryant.

As per sources, Indi was Walker’s secret admirer and they developed feelings for each other while playing video games together. Indi and Walker eventually started dating in mid-2020 only to part ways five months later. The sad news was confirmed by Indi herself via Instagram where she wrote,

“Windi is Over – it is not a prank – I will not be making a video about it – please respect my privacy right now – thanku!,”

Although the former pair never revealed the reason behind their breakup, some fans assumed that Walker’s “I’m Moving Away Prank” video had a lot to do with it.

In the video, we can see that Walker decides to prank his girlfriend at that time saying he is moving to Ohio where he found a plot of land to build skateboard parks and snowboarding trails.

After the pair officially broke up, Indi unfollowed around 200 fan pages about ‘Windi’ which she has followed during their relationship.

Shortly After His Break-Up With Indi, Bryant Began Dating Capri Everitt

Moving on, shortly after parting ways with Indi, Walker Bryant began dating fellow Youtuber and singer Capri Everitt in early 2021. They officially announced their relationship in July via The Paparazzi Gamer’s YouTube channel where they talk about how they met and fell in love.

After confirming their relationship on social media, they appeared on one another’s IG, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. They even went to prom together.

Walker Bryant and Capri Everetti
Walker and Capri went to prom together while they were still together

While things seemed to be going smoothly, Capri and Walker announced their breakup just two months after confirming their love affair. Later on, they even released a video titled ‘WE BROKE UP’ on Bryant’s YouTube channel where they talked about their breakup.

According to the video, the pair part ways in a mutual agreement. Walker and Capri also said that they felt being friends is a better option than being lovers.

Likewise, Capri said, “we honestly just work better as friends, yeah,”

In addition, Walker added, “so yeah, there’s nothing dramatic going on here,  you don’t need to assume about us blocking each other, you don’t have to see all that dramatic crazy stuff,”

And when we thought the drama was over, Walker was spotted hanging out with his ex-girlfriend Indi Star just two days after his breakup with Everitt. It is of no surprise that rumors of them reuniting began circulating, but the pair assured their fans that “Windi” is not happening anytime soon.

Following their split, Capri also moved on and began dating fellow social media star, Skylar Perry. They began dating in Dec 2021 and parted ways on 22 January 2022.