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Who is Walter Mckenzie Wilson? Everything About Rainn Wilson’s Son

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Walter Mckenzie Wilson has been in the limelight as the son of two beautiful couples Rainn Wilson and his wife of decades Holiday Reinhorn. Both of his parents have forged highly-successful paths in their own respective ways. His father Rainn played Gareth Keenan, a salesman and the assistant to the regional manager on the cult-hit NBC sitcom The Office, the project also came as his career-defining series. On the other hand, Walter’s mother is an elite fiction writer.

Along with their wonderful professional life, Walter’s parents Riann and Holiday have also maintained their love life pretty well. So, it is obvious that everyone is curious to know about the life of their only child Walter.

Well, here is plenty of intriguing things about Rainn Wilson’s son from his nutty childhood to his adulthood. Let’s take a look!

Walter Mckenzie Wilson Birth Details and His Relationship With His Parents

In 2022, Walter became a 17-year-old. As for his date of birth, the only child of Rainn was born on 30th September 2004, in the United States of America.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson as a child.
Walter when He was a toddler.
Source: Instagram

As of now, Wilson is all grown up. Back in 2017, his proud mother paid a sweet tribute to her son on Instagram in the honor of his 13th birthday. She wrote on the photo of them together,

“Happy 13th Birthday to one of the most inspiring people I know, who is coincidentally, also my son.”

Also, Walter shares a strong bond with both of his parents. Once, Rainn posted a photo of his son Walter’s school assignment, in which, the little boy described his mom as, “crazy, pretty, muscular, sweet, nice, funny, smart, and well-read.”

Brief Details on His Childhood

While Walter is a little bit shy to come into the media, his parents often talk about their son in numerous of their interviews. In March 2007, Walter and his parents appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, where Rainn shared some funny stories about his son.

He said that his son is a tad odd and has yet to get a grasp of figurative language. Tere, the family of three also got the chance to meet a late legendary actor Sir Peter O’Toole.

Furthermore, in May 2008, in a surprising talk with People, his father said that his son was a nutty boy as a child who used to go through a lot of tantrums especially when it came to his sleeping time.

Besides, his parents hired a nanny named Leslie to take care of their son Walter at times because of their busy schedules. The Wilson family still maintains a pretty good relationship with Walter’s nanny.

His Family and Ethnic Details

Talking about his family background, Mckenzie’s maternal grandfather is a dentist, whereas, his grandmother, Mary Putka used to work as a school instructor.

And his paternal grandfather was Robert G. Wilson, who died in 2020. Late Robert was a novelist who also authored the science fiction novel Tentacles of Dawn. On the other hand, his grandmom is Shay Cooper, a yoga teacher. She is also a former actress.

He belongs to Norwegian ancestry from his father’s side and is an American as per his nationality.

Walter Mckenzie Wilson’s Mother’s Bio

His mom Holiday Reinhorn, a Portland, Oregon native is a professional writer who mostly writes fictional books. She first attended a college in Seatle before making her shift to the University of Washington to study acting.

For her career, before segueing into writing, Reinhorn started off as a theatre actress. She later joined a workshop for writers at the University of Iowa, from where Walter’s mom also earned Masters of Arts degree in Creative Writing. She has since divided her time writing short stories and scripting.

Walter Hobbies and Interests

Talking about his interest, Walter enjoys swimming. Much like his mother, Rainn’s son also loves to horse ride. Back in November 2017, Walter Wilson’s mother Holiday posted a sweet family photo of her son and husband on the occasion of Thanksgiving. In the image, all of them are seen riding horses in northwestern Iceland Westfjords.

Walter enjoy horse riding.
Walter and his parents are on a horse ride.
Source: Instagram

Walter Mckenzie Wilson Parents Initially Struggled to Have a Baby

Rainn said that the actor and his wife Holiday faced a series of problems while having a baby because of their relatively old age. The Office actor was 38, while his spouse was 40 at the time of their pregnancy.

When the duo first learned that they were having a baby, Rainn had just finished out The Office pilot.

Although the pregnancy was a smooth ride initially, it turned a little bit problematic a couple of days before her due date when a bunch of weird blood clot thingies started coming out of Holiday’s genitalia.

Walter McKenzie mom and dad
Walter Wilson with his father and mother.
Source: Instagram

Soon enough, the duo went to the hospital but the doctors said them that it was a normal problem. Promptly, they came back home, but the same night at 3 0clock in the morning, Rainn Wilson’s wife started to pee blood massively. At the same time, Holiday also lost her consciousness. She was rushed to one of the disreputable hospitals of the San Fernando Valley.

Unfortunately, the hospital’s emergency room was full pack so the paramedics left Rainn and his wife in a hallway. It was literally the scariest and gut-wrenching experience for him.

Luckily, everything went fine when Rainn’s wife Holiday healthily gave birth to their son Walter.

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Where Does Walter Live Now?

Sources say that the young celebrity kid now resides in his parents’ 1974 Spanish-style hacienda home nestled in Southern California. The stunning mansion features a TV room, a living room, an adjacent kitchen, and a dining room, among others. And every room has its own creative vibration.

Is Rainn Wilson’s son Walter Mckenzie Wilson an actor?

Unlike his father, Walter, 17, who grew up in a well-to-do family is yet to show any interest in the show business. In the meantime, several of Rainn’s fans have also asked questions did Walter ever appear on The Office? In fact, the young boy never made it to the series.

His father is a multi-millionaire

As the son of two successful parents, Walter didn’t have to worry about anything especially monetarily as a child. His actor father Rainn has an estimated wealth of $14 million as of 2022. Most of his fortune comes from his refulgent acting career.