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Who Is Xavier Alexander Wahlberg? Inside The Life Of Donnie Wahlberg’s Son

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Xavier Alexander Wahlberg is one of the three kids of Donnie Wahlberg, & Kimberly Fey. His father has a huge dominance in the entertainment industry as he is a successful actor, singer, & songwriter. As an actor, Donnie has worked in several movies and television series, including the Saw film series, Zookeeper, Dreamcatcher, and more. He is also the founder of a boyband named New Kids on the Block.

Well, as the son of such a successful personality, Xavier’s life has also been hugely scrutinized. So, how is his life as a celebrity son? Is he also into acting like his father? Let’s find out every detail about Xavier Alexander Wahlberg. Further, let’s also find out if the star kid is dating a girlfriend currently.

Stick with us to know all the details.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s Birthday, Age, and Early Life

As we said earlier, Xavier is the son of Donnie Wahlberg and his first wife Kimberly Fay. He was born on 4th March 1993, in the United States. As of 2022, he is 29 years of age.

Born in one of the most successful film families, he had a decent childhood. He lived all the luxuries and was along with his parent for the largest part of his childhood.

Apart from his parents, his uncles, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Wahlberg, and Paul Wahlberg are also superstars. He shares a great relationship with all of them.

Xavier Grew Up With His Brother – How Many Siblings Does He Have?

Xavier Alexander shares a great relationship with his brothers, Elijah Hendrix Wahlberg, and Evan Joseph Asher. While Elijah is his biological sibling, Evan is his step-brother born from his father’s second wife Jenny McCarthy’s previous marriage.

Both his brothers are in college. In fact, Elijah is a student of music, and we will probably see him working in the music industry in the days to come.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s Parents: His Father Married Again After Divorcing His Mother

Well, Xavier’s father is married twice. He first married Xavier’s mother, Kimberly Fey on August 20, 1999, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Their marriage was one of the most covered news at the time.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg's Parents Donnie & Kimberly
Xavier Alexander Wahlberg’s Father Donnie & Mother Kimberly got married in 1999

But unfortunately, their marriage was not meant to last very long. After almost a decade into their marriage, the couple filed for divorce on August 13, 2008. Their divorce was finalized a month later in September 2008. As for the cause of their divorce, the former husband and wife cited irreconcilable differences.

Donnie married for the second time to actress and comedian Jenny McCarthy. They first met on the sets of Watch What Happens Live in March 2013 and reportedly began dating in July of the same year.

After less than a year of dating, the now husband-and-wife got engaged and they announced their engagement on April 16, 2014, on a TV show, The View. A few months after their engagement, Donnie and Jenny decided to get married and tied the knot on August 31, 2014, at the Hotel Baker, in St. Charles, Illinois.

The duo is since together and doing pretty good in their marital relationship.

His Father’s Legal Battle – Was Charged with First-Degree Arson

Well, not many of you might know the fact that Xavier’s father, Donnie was once charged with first-degree arson and was on the verge of getting 20 years imprisonment. Back in 1991, he was arrested and booked for setting a fire at the historic Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

As reported, Donnie was partying with his fellow New Kids on the Block band member Danny Wood and some of their fans when he dumped vodka on a hallway carpet and then fired it. For this act, Donnie was set to face up to 20 years in prison, however, his charges were later reduced to misdemeanor criminal mischief. Afterward, the charges were dismissed after he agreed to feature in public-service videos about fire safety, drunk driving, and drug abuse.

Xavier Had a Metal Band In The Past

Like his father, Xavier is also very much interested in music. In fact, he was even part of a metal band in the past. Well, his father also talked about his son’s interest in music. He stated how he played hardcore music from the early days. Here is a clip where we can see Donnie Wahlberg talking about his son’s inclination toward music.

Further, he also said that his son wants to build his career on his own and doesn’t want his father’s influence to become successful.

Xavier Alexander Wahlberg Girlfriend – Who is He Dating in 2022?

There are many who want to know about Xavier’s love life and the curiosity is pretty obvious. So, what’s the truth? Is he dating a girlfriend? Well, it looks like he is not dating anyone at present. In fact, he has been single for a long time now.

There have been no reports of his love affair so far. Apparently, he likes to keep his love life away from the limelight. However, since a lot of people are interested to know about his relationship status, we hope he addresses it in the media.

How Much Is Xavier’s Net Worth?

Well, Xavier has definitely started his career, however, it does not seem to have taken off well. He is still struggling to make his presence, and thus he does not make his own money. However, we hope he will earn enough money for himself.

On the other hand, his father is huge, with a net worth of around $25 million, as of 2022.

He Is Not On Social Media

Donnie Wahlberg’s son Xavier is not on any social media platforms. It seems he is not interested in the virtual world and finds interest in the real world among real people. Anyway, it would be great to get to see his life through social media. Hopefully, someday he opts to be on socials.