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Zulekha Haywood-The Untold Details About Iman’s Daughter

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Zulekha Haywood is a magazine editor and enterprise analyst who is more famous as the daughter of ex-supermodel Iman Abdulmajid and her former husband Spencer Haywood, a former basketball player.

Since Zulekha is the daughter of such popular parents, it is obvious the star kid has been in the spotlight since her birth. She gained further attention after Haywood lost her weight, becoming an inspiration to many.

Besides, did you know Haywood is a married woman? So, who is her husband? Do they share any children? Well, we will explore everything you are looking for Iman’s daughter Zulekha including her parents’ relationship, ongoing married life with her spouse, siblings, and more!

Who are Zulekha Haywood’s Parents? Featured On Magazine Cover With Her Mother

Haywood was born to her parents Iman and Spencer. She is the only child of her parents and doesn’t have any other biological siblings. As for her date of birth, the businesswoman was born on July 5, 1978, in New York. And her age is 44 years old as of 2022.

Zulekha started appearing in the media with her mother at a young age. She wasn’t even a year old when the star kid made her first appearance on ESSENCE magazine’s 9th-anniversary issue with her Somali fashion model mom in 1979. She was later raised by her parents under good care.

Zulekha with her mother on Essence’s magazine cover page

As for her nationality, Haywood is an American and belongs to the Afro-American ethnicity.

Her Academics

The 44-year-old business analyst attended Mercy High School in 1992 and accomplished her graduation in 1996. After that, she went to enroll at Michigan State University and graduated with a bachelor’s certificate in Human Resource Management.

Zulekha Haywood Has a Total Of Five Half-Siblings

Although Zulekha is the only kid of her parents, she has several half-siblings from her parent’s other marriages. Her five siblings are Isis Haywood, Shaakira Haywood, Courtney Nikkiah Haywood, Alexandria Zahra Jones, and Duncan Jones.

The New York native’s three half-sisters, Shaakira, Isis, and Nikkiah Haywood are from her dad Spencer’s marital relationship with a woman named Linda.

Besides, Zulekha has one half-sister Alexandria Zahra Jones born to Iman and her third husband David Bowie. And her one step-brother Duncan Jones came from her step-father David’s previous marriage.

Zulekha Haywood Is An Entrepreneur: Her Professional Works

Unlike many celebrity kids, Iman’s daughter Zulekha Haywood didn’t follow in her parent’s footsteps. She rather began the journey to be a business analyst. Now, she has a lot of experience in buying and demand planning as well as brand management.

According to Zulekha’s Linkedin, she has worked for several renowned companies including her mother’s firm. She first worked as an Executive Assistant Office Manager at her mother’s cosmetics store, Iman Cosmetics in 2002.

In 2005, she was promoted to Account Manager where she handled most of the accounts of her mom’s company. Later in 2009, Haywood landed the role of Planning and Procurement manager in Iman Cosmetics. After having experience for several years, she gained more high-profile connections with the companies like Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, HSN, and CVS.

Zulekha is a promising bussiness woman
Zulekha with her mom

But, in 2014, the Somalian model’s daughter left the company and the same year, she landed a job as a Project Manager and Brand Analyst at Jay Manuel Beauty. She left the company, Jay Manuel, in July 2016

In August of the same year, she became Inventory Analyst-Target, Health, and Beauty for Portu Sunberg. There she worked for only 8 months and since 2020, she has been working for the corporate company Invista in Wichita, Kansas. Apart from her business career, she also worked as an editor for several high-profile magazines. Furthermore, she did work in advertising departments for a number of companies.

Her Parent’s Marital Relationship and Custody Battle of Their Daughter

Zulekha’s former power forward dad Spencer and his ex-Vogue model wife Iman reportedly first met in the late ’70s. The former flames exchanged their vows in 1977. But, in 1987, Zulekha’s parents decided to part ways.

Zulekha's mom and dad were married for over a decade
Zulekha’s parents Iman and Spencer

However, their divorce process took several years to be finalized. They were also involved in a custody battle of their daughter. It took about six years to come to an end and eventually, the ex-supermodel won custody.

Who Is Zulekha Haywood’s Husband? Her Marriage Details

Although Iman’s daughter has remained a little bit secretive about her marriage, it came to know Zulekha is now a married woman. She has been in a beautiful marital relationship with her boyfriend-turned-husband Jason Young. As per sources, Haywood and her spouse Young exchanged their vows in November 2016.

They reportedly wed in a low-key ceremony. Furthermore, the two were also in a relationship for a few months before they walked down the aisle. As per sources, her husband Jason is a restaurant owner.

Zulekha is married to a restaurant owner Jason
Zulekha with her husband Jason Young

Prior to Jason, Zulekha was once in a relationship with a man named Eric. Nevertheless, other details about their relationship are yet to be revealed. But some sources suggest the former flames are still good friends.

Children: Haywood Is The Mother of One Daughter

Zulekha and her hubby Young became parents for the first time to their daughter Lavinia Rose Young on 22 July 2017. Haywood gave birth to her first kid at 8:11am, weighing in at 5 pounds 11oz.

Zulekha is living a blissful life with her family
Zulekha with her husband and daughter

The good news was first announced by Zulekha’s husband Young. Later on, Zulekha’s dad also came out with the big news on his Insta. His post caption was,

Iman and I daughter Zulekha gave birth to my granddaughter Lavinia at 8:11am this morning, weighting in at 5 pounds 11oz. Zulekha, Lavinia, and Jason are doing great. God is so good all the time!! One God, One Love ❤️

Weight Loss Journey: Zulekha Haywood Was Insecure With Her Fat Body

After looking at her parents who are really fit & fine, Haywood always had an insecure feeling since her early days looking at her extra weight. According to Zulekha, the reason behind gaining that much weight was her past habit of having snacks late at night, cupboards after midnight, and raiding the refrigerator.

Despite Haywood being overweight, she tried her best not to be ashamed of her heavy body. But, as the matter of fact, the doctor always said her to be more careful about her abnormal weight gain and even warned her there is a high chance of being diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes.

Her Struggle To Loose Weight

As said before, Zulekha started gaining weight when she was just a child. And when Haywood turned eight, she tried dieting. However, it didn’t work at all. After that, her mother helped and supervised her to lose weight through the Basta diet which was her first attempt.

For the second time, she started taking the diet plan called “Eat Like a Pig, Run Like a Horse” made by her Olympian dad. The rule was that she had to eat the required amount of food her body needed and then burn it off by playing on the court for over hours.

Gradually, the diet rule planned by her dad really helped her to lose some of her fat. However, while grooming her as a power forward on the court, her dad found that she didn’t have a natural aptitude for basketball.

Later on, Haywood started playing tennis and was finally able to lose 30 pounds. However, she again gained it back by Christmas plus 20 pounds more.

Haywood’s Decision To Ditch The Diet Really Became A Problem In Her Life

After several unsuccessful attempts, she was hopeless and left all the diet plans. After that, Zulekha even said her life was full of fun, adventure, and love. But, her health was at risk as her BMI reached 46 (expected 18 to 25).

As she stopped following her diet plan, she even had swollen knees and heel spurs with over 330 pounds weight. Likewise, the pain had even made it difficult for her to stand up after lying down for eight hours. Moreover, she even had high blood pressure and osteoarthritis.

Weight Loss: Incredible Transformation Of Her Body Structure

After she incredibly had a high chance of risking her own life, Zulekha then decided to overcome the pain she endured in her 20s. She once said,

The physical pain I’d endured in my twenties could not continue into my thirties. I had to lose weight.

After some time, the occasional advertiser first went for a  gastric bypass and later had Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery. As a result, her weight was down 80 out of 330-plus pounds within six months. And after another six months, her body weight was even better weighing only 160 pounds. Zulekha says, she has found her happiness in her life once again.

Is Zulekha Active On Social Media Handle?

Zulekha is active on Facebook and mostly shares about her husband, daughter, father & mother on her FB. Likewise, she is fairly active on Insta under the name @goldie_spawn.

She currently lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband and daughter.

Her Net Worth

Haywood is estimated to have a net worth of $4 million as of 2022. She mainly makes her wealth from the business analyst career. Apart from her fortune, her model mother Iman is a multi-millionaire who has a net worth of $200 million.